Amazing and mind blowing Math magic trick.

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Mathematics magic: Magical envelope
Today we going to learn a amazing math trick. In this magic you have to tell your friend to writing four numbers and sum this four number. After he did it, you will put a cover letter written in advance, in his hand. The magic is, your friend will see that the answer was written before he make his answer.
It will be a lot of fun, is not it? Want to learn this magic to your friends?
Let's get started!

Whatever it takes
✋ One piece of white paper
✋ pen
✋ Envelope
✋ glue

We need to do some work before the start of magic,

Before you begin the magic of mathematics, you will take a white paper. Multiply current year by 2. For example, if it is 2018, then you will write on paper (2018X2) = 4036 If 2020=4040, 2010=4020, etc.

👉 Now fold the paper and insert it into the envelope. Close the mouth of the envelope with glue.

What to do when performing magic?:

Ask your friend to write his birth year on paper.

Now tell him to write a special event of his life. For example, in which year he was first admitted to the school, or in which year he first went to the zoo?

Now tell your friend to write his age. (He'll write his age in this year.)

Ask for the number of years passed after the special incident, then write it down immediately.

Lastly sum these four number and open the Envelope.

Now it's time to show magic magic. Open the envelope and show the inner paper to everyone.

Illustrating the matter with the example--

Now is the year 2018. You multiply this number by 2 to 4036 in the inner envelope.

Suppose, Your friend was born in 2004.
Her age is 14 in this years.
She went to school first in 2009.
It will be 9 years to go to his first school in 2018.
2004 + 14 + 2009 + 9 = 4036

Writing number can not be made wrong. For example, if he was go to school first 6 years ago, and if your friend writes 5, then the magic will not work.

Each number must be a complete number.

Your friend was born in December 2004. Now month of February. So his age is thirteen years and two months. But the paper must be written in 14 years, because it will be 14 in 2018.
Or Ira's birth in February 2004. In December, to show this magic, he is 14 years and 10 months, but 14 years of age should be written. Because in 2018 will his age is not 15 yet.

Thanks to all. Hope you like this trick. Keep following for more tips.

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