Think About These šŸ‘‡ | #Day3

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1. I'm bored when I listen to a song from my personal music library, but when its played on the radio I get excited.

2. Bullets are the only thing that do their job after they have been fired.

3. After cleaning your browser history, they should be an option to have it filled with random "normal" websites, instead of it being all empty.

4. When your dog keeps bringing you the same toy, does it mean that its his favourite toy, or does he think its your favourite toy?

5. Mosquitoes are like dirty used needles that can fly.

6. Its weird how my brain automatically read "WTF" as "What The Fuck" but still reads "LOL" as L-O-L.


It's your Naija boy- Paramimd šŸ‘

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