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RE: Breaking news !....Crypto traders put in complaint to the UN !

in #funny3 years ago

I post everywhere. The more people tell me to stop posting somewhere, the more I post there. On Hive I was downvoted for posting on Steem, then Blurt, then Hive, then LEO, then POB … so I started posting on all of them. More and more. Don’t ever let anyone bully you to stop posting anywhere. Ever. This is Free speech.


I think you might have noticed that I don't react well to bullying! lol

I quit my other shit, to earn from steem/hive blah blah - I only need a v. small amounts to live where I am.

My perfect job - post my stuff, to earn...

That is why hive is so BS - I was earning enough to live - and more - until the downvotes started.

Luckily, I can switch around things to get my income - but that really isn't the point...
Imagine someone in Venezuela or something in the same circumstances ...The wankers actions on hive could -quite literally - have starved me to death.

That's what irks so much with hive - the authoritarian attitude.
(and being of very much an aspergers type of person - moral wrongs really really fuck me off).

....So I need to accumulate 17k and live of the income?..sounds good! ($13 a day income would literally be the amount I could live off, for everything- I kid you not).

Better get stacking some steem then !

Listen. Rather than getting angry at those jerks on hive just create a few more accounts with … post a few times a day, just random photography on POB etc and earn a few hundred a day. Don’t let them make you angry. If everyone on Hive gets angry and quit … The Bullies win. Don’t let them win.

I have been doing that with a few accounts no one knows about (only to recoup my d/v losses - a point of principle).

I disagree with the 'if everyone quits, they win' though - from an economic system point of view.
If it becomes a smaller and smaller club of morons, the token price will eventually implode to nothing.
No demand = lower and lower token price.

But you're correct about getting angry.... I'll find my halo , it's knocking around here somewhere - and rise above it.
(hive will fuck up all by itself, without my input!lol)

In the mean time … collect all the Cryptos and convert some to land. I’m buying land around the Great Lakes … to plant trees.

On Hive the Elite inner sanctum allow the plebes to earn $ 3 or $4 per post … so with 100 accounts you can earn $400 per post. Just like the whales do… ha ha ha ha …

My problem ( which isn't a problem at all), is that I'm just not motivated by money - at all.

Once my 'ambition' (read 'several insecurities'), had been addressed - that side of me just.... 'evaporated'.

So while I'm capable of doing something like that, the motivation isn't there.

....Just let me earn my $15 dollars a day writing, without
'playing silly politics' goddamn it! lol....

Yeah… nobody is really motivated by money, but it’s nice to have a little to buy food and pay for the internet, maybe buy a car and a house. I bought a car already with Blurt. So that’s pretty good.

have not been on like before and am not caught up on which person is having a freak out, I liked your article, that simple, staying out of the b.s. on all sides, just like funny shit, Merry Christmas

you get a magic car and ten million dollars

hello you !- merry Chritsmas (belatedly), and a happy new year !

get yer ass over to blurt - it's quite nice there!

I'l be posting again on here now...(on daily/ bi daily, basis)

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