Arnold Classic 2018 Competitors Tested Positive For Party Drugs And Not Steroids!

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Arnold Classic 2018 competitors got a surprise drug test that nobody expected...

Arnold Classic 2018 Competitors are the usual suspects. We will list all of the Arnold Classic 2018 Competitors below, and what each of them tested positive for during their surprise drug test. As you know, the Arnold Classic is not a "tested" contest, which basically mean these meatheads can shoot steroids in their eyeballs, and nobody will care. However, they do state that "random testing" is a possibility, just to sound like there is some sort of policing of drug use.

Well this year, the Arnold Classic 2018 committee decided to test all of the bodybuilders just for shits and giggles, but they found out more than they bargained for. The bodybuilders tested positive for random party drugs, and not steroids. So it turns out, that these meatheads are all natural and steroids free, but what is actually building their muscles, are nothing but simple party drugs. Here is a list of all the Arnold Classic 2018 competitors and what they were caught with in their system.

Arnold Classic 2018 Competitors

Lionel Beyeke

Arnold Classic 2018 Competitor Lionel Beyeke refused to take the drug test, because he was caught in the act of sniffing the white devil off of his trainers ass in the back of a Los Angeles Gym. Lionel swears it was his first time, not doing the blow, but doing it off of his trainers ass. Lionel said "I was given a big ass nose by god, and why the hell should I let that gift go to waste?" Cocaine is a major part of his diet, it surpasses his appetite, and when mixed with the right playlist on Spotify, it also gets him a few extra reps if you know what I mean.

arnold classic 2018 competitors

William Bonac

Arnold Classic 2018 Competitor William Bonac, was caught with mushrooms in his system. He got so damn high, that he could easily be picked up by a woman, as you see in the picture below. Bonac stated "Mushrooms get me high as fuck, and at the same time, I get necessary fiber that my body needs. So I really gives no fizzzzuk." William Bonac never wins shit at any shows, so we don't expect he will do well at the 2018 Arnold Classic. Once again, no steroids were found in his system, another natural bodybuilder that grows off of party drugs only.

Arnold Classic 2018 Competitors

Maxx Charles

Arnold Classic 2018 competitor Maxx Charles tested positive for acid. First of all, who the fuck is Maxx Charles? I have never ever, in my years of watching, and following bodybuilding heard of Maxx Charles. That said, this dude was picking up more tabs that Diddy, and tested positive for acid. Dropping acid has totally fucked up his taste buds, which actually helps him out a lot by allowing him to down food that tastes like shit. We don't expect Maxx Charles to win the 2018 Arnold Classic, only because he never wins shit.

maxx charles

Hidetada Yamagishi

Arnold Classic 2018 competitor Hidetada Yamagishi is very well known for banging Iris Kyle in her bung hole. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors, but there is a good chance Iris Kyle is giving it Hidetada from the back as well. The lord knows she probably can get a solid boner now after all these years of steroids. Hidetada tested positive for RICE. He was sniffing rice like beef and broccoli eating noodle soup slurping midget that he is. Ever since Hidetada started banging, and getting banged by Iris Kyle, he hasn't won shit. Right before he met her, he won the Arnold Classic. So who the hell knows what he will do this year. Hidetada said "I got caught sniffing rice, but I really don't care. Its fun for me. I get high as shit and then go start random fights to feed my napoleon complex."

arnold classic 2018

Jonathan DeLaRosa

Jonathan DeLaRosa, a Dominican natural bodybuilder (steroid infested raging maniac), tested positive for plantains. Plantains are running through his veins, like water. The drug test revealed that Jonathan had a 99% concentration of plantains in his blood stream. In order to have this kind of high plantain concentration, it means that Jonathan eats plantains and nothing but plantains for all of his 7-10 meals he has every day. What a freaking champ this guy is.

arnold classic 2018 competitors


Dexter Jackson tested positive for heroin. In order to believe you are going to win the Arnold Classic 2018 at the age of 67, you have to be on some hardcore drugs. It was no surprise that Dexter Jackson tested positive for something like heroin. Dexter tested positive right after he shot it under his eyeball. Dexter says "I was tired of shooting it in my eyeball, and I was also starting to lose my vision...under the eye gives me the same high, so fuck it." We do have to say that Dexter has a solid chance of winning the 2018 Arnold Classic.

dexter jackson

Steve Kuclo tested positive for being broke as fuck. Steve told "I never win shit, I and I don't have a dollar to my name. I strip on the side to pay for my protein, and usually role play as a firefighter.." And it looks like he was not fucking around. So basically, he's just a stripper that lifts weights. It's obvious that Steve will probably get last place at the 2018 Arnold Classic. His current net worth is known to be somewhere around $17.

The rest of the Arnold Classic 2018 competitors were all tested positive for ecstasy and were all caught in a big gang bang. The bodybuilders caught in the gang bang, were the following, and the remaining competitors.

  • Cedric McMillanLukas Osladil
  • Paul Poloczek
  • Shawn Rhoden
  • Justin Rodriguez
  • Fred Smalls
  • Roelly Winklaar
  • Dennis Wolf

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