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RE: Mighty Blueberry Show - Episode 7 (7 Questions)

in #funny4 years ago

Sorry, I must have missed your comment.

Unfair you say. I don't see it that way. I upvote what I like or is undervalued in my opinion. I downvote what I don't like or believe is overvalued. The rest I just leave alone or I don't see to form an opinion on. It's all subjective.

Downvoting is very much underutilised on Steem. I like to provide negative feedback when required. Downvotes send a great message.


Okay, i see, you need to give a tweak spill everytime you fucked up. Can't be like: "hey i fucked up" bye kid

That's because I didn't 'fuck up'. I stand by my actions.

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