You Know You're HODLing It Wrongly When..

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Market price's going up

"No bubble. It's still far away."
"People are waking up to cryptos."
"Plenty of adoption at the moment."
"Bitcoin has decoupled from alts."
"Buy buy buy!"

Market price's stagnating

"It's going to moon, soon. Don't miss out!"

Market price's going down

"Told you the bubble's coming."
"Too much stupid money in the ecosystem."
"Nobody is really using these things."
"Let the weak hands go."
"Sell sell sell!"

How to HODL like a true HODLer

Be like Bob.

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I wondered where Bob was?
Glad you found him!


Bob is always behind closed doors :D


Usually talking to Alice.


you're Bob? :D hahah
he hates the city smell and the stinky sweaty smell according to Phelly

Steem is the only coin I'm hesitant to sell because I'm earning while hodling.


wot's difference between hodling and holding? same thing?


I love it.


You mean Steem Power, Steem Dollar or Steem?


Steem Power

The easiest, but the hardest.


Hahah the best thing i've seen in a while!

Haha....true story.... :)


100% effective strategy. As long as the market cap isn't ridiculously large :)

HODL is hard right now when everything was just cut in half. This is the true test of your nerve to see whether you are a real Hodler or just a pretender!


selling at half price is even worse! lol


If people would just sell half of their position when they have 100% gains and half again when it reaches 200% and half again when it reaches 300%, etc. then this correction wouldn't cause the least flinch for basically anybody who entered crytpos in the last two months or more, before the "lift off" started. Everyone would still be well up (over their initial investment) and loving life, if not retiring early.

Of course, if everybody traded that way, then we'd never see such ridiculous, parabolic markets.


Haha so true on both accounts!

Haha, great advice @kevinwong. I'm a big believer of this Buy and Hold strategy.


I panic dumped 25% of my ether holdings earlier this year / end of last year when it was at its lowest before shooting up to 100 usd..


Oh no, yeah it's the worst feeling when you sell it and then the value goes up too high. Hope your other holdings made up for the loss.

"HODL your position! We ride for bitcoin!!!" :)

holding is key at the moment. Nice post!

Crypto currency is no doubt acting like zero to hero and again hero to zero...........don't mind

Very good post, I like you very much, I follow you

Do you want to trade some shitcoins?

great....resteem and upvote for you.....