A Few Cheap Laughs

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

My internet connection is blinky today so I'm throwing together a fast post so I know I'll have it for later in case we go offline..which happens from time to time. Small price to pay for living out in the country though!

These are just a few memes that I've collected from facebook this year, they struck me as funny but I've been told I have a strange sense of humor so maybe they aren't funny. Let me know.



The wisdom of a child!

kids advice.jpg

I don't know if this really happened, I think it did and if so, it's a classic move!

This one here..well, it's so silly I can't believe I think it's funny, let me know if you do too!


Now this one is about Mrs. J. She's intensely private and I'm not supposed to talk about her job because it involves legal and privacy matters etc.

But you might get an idea of what she does by looking at this meme. This is such an accurate image of her situation!

big bird.jpg

She's an unstoppable force of love and joy!
And lastly, this one is dedicated to the brilliant, kind, generous and gracious @melinda010100. We were talking about this very topic this morning because we're the same age:

old friends.jpg

Lol..life ain't fair!


I hope these gave you a few laughs to start the week with!

Thanks for reading folks, God bless you all!

PS- Everyday I've been posting a photo which supposedly represents each state, this is from a ridiculous but fun article I found on www.livingmgz.com.

Today's state is the great state of Iowa! Their state motto is"Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain.” I'm not sure if I know any Steemians from Iowa, give me a shout if you are!

Iowa is a great agricultural state, mostly known for corn, soy beans and hogs but they also raise large amounts of cattle and tons and tons of great vegetables.

So that means land. Lots and lots of open fields. With few towns in much of the state. So you need something to drink when you're driving for hours between towns.


lol. When you see that you hope the delivery guy has been here in recent memory!




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Man I had to laugh for sure!

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  ·  17 days ago (edited)

Love it @ganjafarmer. My kind of humor. 👍 It appears you are not of the uhhh ... "snowflake" generation either! Haha ... 😉

I'm offended that you are offended! Your offendedness offends me...

Oh you are vegan and don't kill your food? Plant seeds are plant fetuses. Plant fetus eater! Baby plant killer!

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Oh man, sorry, not my circus, but this is so funny hahaha.
Now I know what to tell all my vegan friends.

Shit got some weed? I'll keep going.

And should of seen the radical vegan hippy I called a plant fetus killer... He was about to cry

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lol! Hey that's just cruel! I never thought of seeds as plant fetuses, that will make anyone think!

Well..... That plant was.... ALIVE

Till You chewed it up and shat it out silly vegan..... Lmao

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lol! It's a great point. You can't eat anything these days without feeling bad!

lol! that is so funny sir ganjafarmer! Thanks for showing us this! lol.



It could be worse, My Wife told me that when a Woman gets cranky, they Call it PMS.

Then she told me they call it that, because Mad Cow disease was already taken....


Mad Cow! Oh, that could get people fighting right there! lol

Bad for so Many reasons, ROFLOL!


Those were great, I laughed at them all, that left me searching through my fun pics to find one to post in return...


lol! that is SO true. But that doesn't apply to any Steemians right? lol. Thanks so much for this sunlit7!

hahahahahahaha!!!! You need to find humour in this overly serious society lol

  ·  16 days ago (edited)

Howdy jaynie! I agree, it's a good time for a laugh! Thanks so much for the resteem.

My pleasure :)

Well, I dunno @janton ... 😧

"... but I've been told I have a strange sense of humor so maybe they aren't funny. Let me know."

... maybe we have the same problem, as they were sure funny to me! 😉

Great humor, so thanks for the nice "boost" on a Monday! 😊 👍

P.S. Yeah, what are we going to do with all those "old folks" around us? I just recently joined the "golden oldies club" myself ... 😉

Haha! Howdy sir roleerob! so good to see you here! Are you posting? Because it seems like whenever I check your blog the last one is long gone.
I'm so glad you liked these, I wonder about my sense of humor. lol. Thanks so much for stopping by. And welcome to the club!

Yep @janton, I am still around, but not as active for now ... 😉 Did you and your beloved ever watch that "Back to Eden" film link I shared with you awhile back?

Howdy sir roleerob! I still have that link that I emailed to myself so I wouldn't forget and I keep seeing it in my email so I haven't forgotten it! lol. I will get to it and let you know when I do, thanks for the reminder. I assume you have started something else by now, offline I mean? A new career or calling?

@janton My wife and I are actively working on incorporating what we can of some of the permaculture / "Back to Eden" concepts we can on our lot here in the small town where we live. So ... This gives us a bit of a new "rhythm," in our activities, being outside some in the morning and the evening. Wonderful addition and consistent with our "live simply" ... We'll see where this ends up, before the snow flies ...

Beyond that, catching up with a number of tasks long needing attention, for which I now have the time. At some point, I am still deliberating on whether I will return to some sort of a job somewhere. Doing something useful ... Just never returning to anything like the stress-filled environment I left ... Never ...

Howdy today sir roleerob! Yay for a stress free lifestyle! lol. I hope you don't have to go back to work but if you find a very meaningful job I can see why you would. I'll try to get over to your blog more often. I'm spending alot of time working outside this summer so steemit hours have been cut back!

Nice! Well done sir, thanks for the laugh!

I'm so glad you enjoyed them sir simms50! Did you think the Sharks stepping on legos was funny or just retarded?

Oh I think that one was hilarious!!!

lol! That's hilarious too sir simms50, great job!

And the Oscar goes to @janton, for this post, I'm still laughing at the picture in the fridge 🤣well done. Have a great week ahead.

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Thanks so much clitadias! I'm so glad you enjoyed them!

🤣 still laughing

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Howdy Sir @janton, now I know why my old school friends call me uncle.
Such a funny post here Lol.

No they don't! lol...that's a joke right? I'm glad you liked the post, I never know if my sense of humor is way off or not!

Not a joke my friend and nothing wrong with your humor.
Who wants to be normal Lol.
That ganjafarmer guy also had me in stitches with his humor Lol.

Howdy again sir papilloncharity! Normal is boring, that's for sure!
Sir ganjafarmer is great!

These are all funny! Thanks for your kind words, my OLD friend! 🧓😘 Hope you don't lose your internet.

The internet became stable this evening and you are very welcome, that's what old friends are for! lol.

We are having a pretty wild thunderstorm right now, and I keep wondering if we will lose power. I am glad that you are my friend.

Howdy today Melinda! Did your power last during the storm? Your neighborhood or city seems to have a really secure system as far as power and services to withstand storms.

We made it through just fine. Only lots of acorns hitting the roof all night! It's funny how those little things sounds like basketballs hitting the roof at 1 a.m.

lol..oh, that's not funny, sorry. I hope you got enough sleep is what I meant to say.! So true, sounds in the middle of the night are dramatically amplified. At least you didn't have a terrified dog to contend with.

I have weeks of falling acorns to sleep through. Happens every year, and I get used to them pretty quickly. I am reminded often why I don't have a dog!

Yeah, everytime there's a storm you can think of...shoot I forgot his name! anyway, your friend who loves to come visit you. I wonder how he would handle the acorns?

These are all hilarious Janton!!! But the head in the refrigerator would be my #1 favorite and the garbage #2, LMAO!!!

Ahhh, I bet you can relate to the head in the fridge, is that something a cheated on woman would do? I think so and he deserved a heart attack! I'm so glad you enjoyed these!

Oh, yes! Every cheater deserves that, lol.

Yeah in the Bible days they used to stone them. I guess we've come along way since then.

I know! That was insane!

I like the fridge head one!!

That was wickedly brilliant, I hope it's true!

We're like wine. The older - the better.
Good jokes, my friend.

I'm too old for ,,shark and lego'', or too stupid.

lol! howdy sir oldtimer! You are so correct sir, the older the better. Wiser and wealthier!

I did get a few laughs, particularly from the first two....but then, I don't get out much;)

Howdy deirdyweirdy! I'm glad you liked those. Did you think the Shark stepping on legos was funny or is that just me? That's a retarded one! lol.

It's just you sweetie. Even my very favourite retard, Robbie, didn't get a chuckle out of that one!

lol! That one must have been too corny and silly for the serious Irish steemians! lol. Did you ever get moved and did robbieretard go with you?

Mornin Cowboy! I can relate to the old people I went to school with. 😂

lol! the Woodstock reunion! that's about right, wow that was a long time ago, when was that '69? 50 years ago!
Thanks for sharing this one, it's great!

50 yrs on August 18.

Howdy today redheadpei! sorry for the late reply, I've been working so much offline that I'm crazy far behind. Do you remember when it happened? I think the whole country was shocked and outraged that such an event happened. lol.

“Hey Man, make love not war.” Some Hippie lingo, Cowboy!

Yes I remember when it was. It was outside New York. I guess some people thought the world was coming to an end with the free love, wild music, doobies and the long hair!

I first heard of a roach clip around that time.

I was at a Willie Nelson’s outside concert in Ontario later that year and a lot of people were smoking joints and passing them around on a roach clip.

One older lady asked why they were using these little scissors. She didn’t know they were smoking marijuana. I don’t think anyone told her any different.

lol! No one told that old lady what was going on. lol. Hey you were at kind of a minor, mild version of Wood Stock, would you have liked to have been at the original? It looked like a mess to me, all kinds of rain and mud and everything. Way too many people for the set up they had.

Cowboy, I would love to be able to say I was at Woodstock and have some photos to prove it.

It would be probably uncomfortable with so many people but I was 25 at the time and could take a bit of mud and rain. 😂

I wouldn't be smoking up but there to take in the atmosphere and see all the singer such as Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, , Still, Nash and Young, Jimi Hendrix, etc.

I like the first three best.

lol! thank you sir Vincent. me too. If the fridge story is true, I think that's a very creative way to get back at the wayward husband!

Indeed. It would surely freak him out. haha... 😀

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Howdy ocdb and thanks so much and for all the people you help.

That last one was a hoot. Gotta love a meme 😋😂👍

lol. I agree sir molometer, thanks so much for stopping by!

How diddly do Lord Fl... Janton! You've been practicing since I was last here. A fun, light hearted post gets the big thumbs up from me. You need to get to your generator to power up your countryside WiFi though!

Posted using Partiko Android

lol! I thought this might be right down your alley sir Fluff Meister! lol. Ah, the wi-fi and phone situation is really strange out here. We have very few phone company options because there are only a couple of towers in the whole region. And only a couple of internet providers too. That's okay, technology will catch up to us some day. in the meantime you city boys can have them cities!

Well, you learned from the best and you're a good student Lord Fluffton haha! It really is the Wild West out there still hey... jeez! No wonder you need to post fluff to keep the mood light lol

Hey that's not fair sir nickyhavey, you changed your profile image. I went flying right by it this morning, just thought it was some pesky newbie bothering me. lol. Yeah, we were shocked when we got here and found that we could only get internet from ONE provider! lol.

All those ads we see that say you can now have internet service anywhere...when we call them to make sure they say "oh, we don't have service in your area." lol.

Haha yes I hated that profile picture for the last few months but only got my ass in gear after getting a load of pictures from my travels and have now updated my website, music platforms and social media accounts with this new look lol!

One provider SUCKS! Yea I know the ones that say there's 99.99999% coverage but actually, where you live or travel is the 0.0000001%... which does seem to be a big area itself lol

lol! that is so true about the coverage. Hey how many dang social media platforms are you on? I can't even handle one!

I'm on 5 but active on maybe 3? Most active on steem but keep my website as up to date as possible and need to decide which music sites to be active on as well

Posted using Partiko Android

holy moly sir nickyhavey! When do you sleep? What are the other two most active sites? I didn't think they'd allow you on so many sites! lol..oh I'm supposed to be nice aren't I? Scratch that last inflamatory statement then!

Funny stuff! The garbage bags are creepy!

lol! Howdy sir keithboone! Yeah I think those would just get the cops called on you!

Neighbors were riding their ATVs on my property. This cured them of it........

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lol! very good sir krazzytrukker! lol...how are you today and where are you?

Limon, CO.

9 hr drive. Gauranteed to make one feel like crap.

Good news is i am parked till 5am. I will do the last hour over to Denver in the morning.

But i don't feel as bad as the turd this meme shows.... Flush please..!!!

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lol! well you have time to find hilarious memes at least! Colorado, what's wrong with Colorado? Why are you guaranteed to feel like crap? do you at least get to see some nice scenery?

I like Colorado. Even if it has fallen to the Libturds.

Long drives do that to us old folks. Make us feel crappy.... Am I right old fella ...? When is the last time you drove 10 hrs+ with one 30 min break.....?

I have seen this all 100s of times. Not too many places I have not been. This photo is the place that seems impossible to get to at this time in my life.......

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lol! Well that's going to be even sweeter when you get to retire there. I've never driven 10 hours without a break period because I'd run out of gas before 10 hours.

I vote for the one about melon with makeup in a fridge, and those about your Mrs.J in a good mood )) Really fun!
And, I have a good friend living in Iowa, but she is not on Steem. Looking at her photos, you are right, they grow tons of corn.
Have a wonderful day today, Janton!

Howdy zirochka! You have a great sense of humor, thank you! And yes, Iowa is a great corn growing state.

Thank you for a compliment 😊

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You are one sick puppy @janton! LOL! My favorites are the kids advice on marriage and that face on the watermelon. I also love what you wrote about Mrs. J. Thanks for the laughs, you crazy redneck! LOL!

lol! I'm thrilled that you liked them and that they gave you a good laugh Butterfly!

Good one Janton. The big bird meme describes your wife’s situation nicely. Tip—When you mention California, I don’t think the fields behind the vending machine would make sense if they can’t be harvested, rolled up, and smoked and the vending machine should still be a popular one just one without all of that sugar poison. 😉

lol! Howdy sir dandays! CA ...did they legalize weed there yet? I don't even know. I'd think that would be one of the first states. I agree about sugar, it's a killer. I limit it to no more than once a day...no ..once a week! And I haven't had a Pepsi or any softdrink like that in years.

Good for you managing your sugar, Janton, i need to consider doing that myself. Glad that link gave you a laugh, it’s been legal in Ca for a few years now.

Oh ok well for some reason all I hear about is Colorado and not CA in that regard or regarding that subject. Whole country will be soon.