Argentina Out of Messi, Profession Become Bakso #MEME

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Bitter results were received by Argentina's Tango team when meeting France in the first round of 16 World Cup 2018 matches. Argentina was forced to return from Russia earlier after losing 3-4 to France.

Quoted from (30/06/18) four goals victory of the Rooster team scored by Antoine Griezmann in the 13th minute through the white point, Benjamin Pavard in the 57th minute and dwigol Kylian Mbappe respectively in the 64th minute and 68.
While three goals from Argentina scored by Angle Di Maria in the 41st minute, Gabriel Mercado in the 48th minute and Sergio Aguero on 90 minutes + 3.

Netizens are in great shape. The figure of Lionel Messi became a soft target for the creative hands after this fight. Messi who did not move in front of the French players were made into meme material.

Of the many hilarious meme Messi after Argentina crashed out, following 4 memes the most hilarious choice about Messi, from being a durian carpenters to be a bakso baker.




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