Characters of Steemit.

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I am glad things never change, if things did then this would not be steemit and things would not be fun at all. You might be wondering- who is this post directed at? Don't worry, many steemians don't wall into this category, but if you do. You make my experience on steemit, very exciting.

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So you see that big ugly green guy at the back (Hulk). Well today I would love to introduce you to something similar.

But before I introduce you to today's character, I would like to give you a bit of a back story, or a "where the inspiration comes from"

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Steemit it like a dream come true. For most people it has been something that have blessed their lives, a fairy tale that is too good to be true... But it is true, very true and so are all the characters inside steemit.

Meet the Trolls.

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Don't they just look lovely, how can anything bad come from them? Well sadly this is not the movies and well the trolls on steemit look like this...

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Scary right? The stuff nightmares are made of, and oh boy if these guys get angry they turn your steemit dream into a nightmare... literally!

So where do these trolls stay? Where are they on steemit?

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I will not lie to you... There ARE EVERYWHERE!!!

Do you need to worry? Well yes, and no. No well for this reason bellow.

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Trolls love money, as do we all, but that is not the point. When they swimming in the money they are very happy trolls and don't bother many people.

An unexplained phenomenon is, trolls accounts on steemit are not very big... one must wonder why?(Cough Cough)
So if they do find you on their list of noises to pick on, don't worry to much as their fingers are not very big and wont get stuck.

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By ignoring the troll, he will simply move on to juicier pastures😉

Now nothing gets trolls out of their caves better than a low steem price. When the trolls see whales no longer doing this...

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That is when they come out, and best thing to do is to stay out of their way. They can change the best of ideas into sleepless nights and endless self torment...

But on the bright side, that is pretty much all they can do. But they do a really great job at it. I would say "try them", but I have been through it and it is so not worth it.

So may steemit be a constant happy community, and continue with its many great projects. Also enjoy all the:

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No one was mentioned in this post, but you know who you are. 😉

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wow this is awesome to read and i really love the picture combo, but the question I would love to ask is which of the troll are you? and whats you advice to young steemians just coming up because most of them are really discourage when the put up quality and don't get the required results?


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No need to read the text, one can get entertained just by looking at your memes.

Anyway, keep up the goodwork man.
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For me, Steemit is more about expressing myself through writing/storytelling, and for recognizing and uplifting those who are talented writers, artists, photographers etc. Screw the upvotes and resteems. I'd rather be recognized and accepted for what i have to say than write just for the sake of these things.. Takes the fun out of writing anyway.
Merit should always be given where it's genuinely due, not just where others are pointing at.
To all the minnows and closet writers/artists here, stay true to yourself and your talents, you will be recognized. You don't have to beg for upvotes from whales or anyone else.

Don’t turn steemit platform into trollers cave! I enjoyed the wisdom of this platform currently. Most of the people in this platform are from cryptocurrency background and oh boy, its quite scary the trolling you can witness its on twitter. Chill boy... have some kitkat


I never use twitter and since steemit I don't think I will ever.

It's so funny , thanks 😂


They're the archetypes of steemit so it seems hah I dig this post. I'm new to Steemit but I'm pumping out articles and I've yet to come across a troll


Price is low at the moment so you should see a few, but now is the best time to join and post.

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This is so funny - thanks for the laugh

Its really funny comparing greedy people into trolls. Yeah, you're right to describe. They are so annoying

To be forewarned is to be forearmed, @dragonslayer has spoken and @theheralds is here seconding.

Great post fraind..

The pictures really cracked me up.
love the way you used the image of a troll to represent ......

love the writing style too, couldnt miss any line.

That picture with the hand, nose and eyes tho.

@dragonslayer Trolls are everywhere, is just for someone to be cautious thank for sharing. @theheralds

Well, I have to agree that being on Steemit, makes me feel like I am a troll. You say that they love money, that I can't say, but yes, I appreciate money! But how can I say for sure that I am a troll or not, who does not like to post and get upvotes, guess I'll wait to find out :))

Excellent post.

haha todays post was on fire haha :D

The fact there are so many different version of trolls in the online world makes this even more entertaining.


There's more troll variations than there are dog breeds.


lmao. Mind = Blown! alotta dog breeds out there lol

Huzzah! I love messing with trolls. They can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but boy can they be an unending source of amusement.

Trolling, Trolling Never Changes.

Good jop.
I like your post.
Upvote and resteem.

a very good post, I really like this post ,, I upvote and resteem.

great post!...loved it...

Interesting post. I enjoyed the gifs.