So Do you Think the Market's Going to get better before Christmas

in funny •  7 months ago

So many people speculate i say it's really too far away but then what do i know Lol:))


i believe Bitcoin could really go over the top and consequently Steem also but it's not going to be pretty. you can imagine the news and following rhetoric as soon as it does like always :))

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I don't think so..

it's beyond omega, steem starts to look more and more like a stablecoin lately, so that's a lot of work to make a living then hahah

I agree with the both of you LOL! :) I do have to say that it has and is a VERY bumpy ride my Friend! :) I hope all is well and all the VERY best my Friend! :) Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

I believe that bitcoin is already in its heyday, with all the news that is broadcast every day, and how it has positioned itself in the world economy. and steem I think it will also have its moment of glory, only now it is a small shoot

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