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So this is a true story, it happened today.

I was walking with a friend of mine in the city and we were walking for like 10 minutes in he steps in dogg poop. So I cracked up, especially because he really hates doggs. And I like doggs and we are often arguing about which are better cats or doggs. When we argue he's always saying how dirty doggs are and how clean cats are. So I thought he stepping in dogg poop was very funny.

Allright he got all mad and cursing and stuff, while I was having a laugh. After cursing for a bit he tries to scrape of the dogg poop. He got most of it of his shoe. And we start walking again. He's still pissed off and complaining about how distugsting doggs are and how the owner of the dogg that pooped on the sidewalk should be shot right away.

And while he's ranting on about what he would do if he came across the guy that let his dogg poop on the sidewalks he sees a dogg owner letting his dogg poop in a park we're walking by.

So like the hot head he is he starts pacing fast towards the guy and mumbling some shit I couldn't hear. When he's about fifteen meters distance from the guy he shouts what the hell you think you're doing. The guy looks at him a bit funny. Which only makes my friend more angry. So he steps on the grass to walk to the guy and then almost slips on the grass. Yep he stood in dogg poop again! I couldn't help myself, I laughed so hard! Hahaha oh man was he mad!

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There's only one g in dog.

That's funny. But I can also understand your friend's frustration. He was having a hard time with that dog poop. Lol.

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Steem ON!

Oh that is totally karma! And yes, I think dog owners need to bring bags with them and take the stinky poo away, but OMG yes this is funny!

Your follower :), and i like your posts. i see you also vote up ? @ronaldmcatee

Hahaha don't think this event will help you in your dogs vs cats argument!!