Lol cornholio knows what's up. May you get loads and loads of TP for christmas.

saya sangat menyukai posting anda, # @cornholio,

Haha love this!
I’m resteeming and leaving this a top my page for the next 24 hours!

Merry Christmas 👍
And a happy Bunghole👍

Let's first tell you the wishes of Happy Christmas dear friend @cornholio

sorry i am late but
let me wish to happy new year 2018 in advance

Christmas cornholio style😎

i can see you need a lots of bunghole on this post. lol we wish u a merry christmass!

🎁 Merry Christmas @cornholio🎁image image

Merry X'mas.

I always follow you. You always have interesting fun posts. Thank you so much

Congratulations christmas friend, I hope you continue to increase sustenance

saya suka kamu cornholio
sukses selalu untuk

Merry christmass to @cornholio may GOD give u and ur familly happines and joys this speciall day and all the day of whole year

TP is what dear friend ... ??

Merry Christmas and happy new year 🎆🎇

Happy New Year , Resteemed

Hy dear please upvote my photo

Vine hoy a visitarte y me sorprende agradablemente lo que presentas!! alumbras como Santo, algo que en mi país añoro "Un papel Blanco",jamas pensé que las necesidades llegaran a tanto,pero es cierto, no consigues, los productos personales para verte y sentirte blanco. Felicidades amigo y muy agradecido por tus visitas y apoyo.

you are so cute @cornholio, tissue so the material

Tissue? Isn't tissue for toilet? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@cornholio please vote my post

Nice post

I did not see Mary Chrysamus and New Year's wishes because I was new to my friends


wishes happy new year, more bungholes owner


same to u @ cornholio nice post

Haha... I can't just stop laughing

nice your post..

good n different idea

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