Shhhh! @slobberchops is Asleep

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Hi everyone, it’s me @eyeofchops. A good name I feel for me, but @slobberchops in his infinite wisdom decided to name me I mean what kind of crappy name is that?


@eyeofchops; looking and scouring Steemit for great content to under-appreciated writers.

Not that’s what I would have said. It’s got a certain ring about it don’t you think?

He’s sleeping right now, so I extracted myself from him, bounced along to his computer and started jumping on the keyboard. Can you imagine how hard it is for me to write, and how slimy those keys get very quickly?

An eyeball like me can get infected easily, so I need to be careful.

What I want to say is that there’s going to be some changes around here. @slobberchops thinks he’s got the keys to this account, but he’s wrong. If he thinks MY account is just for voting up his mates, well he better think again!


This account really isn’t going anywhere; growing off curation rewards is pitiful. Author rewards is what’s needed to grow and so I’m going to be escaping from his eye socket on a more regular basis.

What does this give anyone? A mere $0.03 for a full vote and only $0.02 to the ones that the holy mighty @slobberchops deems worthy. There are a couple of exceptions though with his best buddy @steevc and himself receiving full ones.

To be fair, @steevc has delegated to ME so he can be excused, and also The High Priest of the Church of Piglet, Holder of Truth, and Keeper of the Ivy Staff also receives a full vote if he every returns due to his delegation, as well as his unspoken master.

Sadly, @church-of-piglet was holed up in a 1 star B&B in the darkest depths of Bognor Regis, England last time we spoke. I hope he returns soon and gives us something to smile about. I witnessed first-hand the the conditions he was living in (below). How things can change quickly for even the most revered.


So what’s going to change? The account holds just 676SP now. By December it had better be more like 1000SP. That will yield a full vote of $0.05 by today’s crappy STEEM prices, whoopee doo!

I’m saying that, but the number of posts I have seen with a vote from that seem to be not far from the top vote is seen quite often. Many voters are voting $0.00 or $0.01. I solemnly pledge to you in the name of my slimy cornea to get bigger.

You’re going to see more of me in the future and on a regular basis and just remember, I’m not @slobberchops writing about all that boring prog-rock crap, I’m a modern eyeball and have ambition.

Speaking of him, did you see this? What a sanctimonious arsehole he is, taking credit for all those looks when it’s obvious to anyone that the EYES are the fact that ladies positively swoon at his feet when they pass.


Yes, I will admit he does have intense rugged good looks and has gained the attention and admiration of @enchantedspirit, @rebeccabe and @silentscreamer in the past, but remember girls; it’s the EYES that are his most striking feature.

I have much more to say, especially about adding some more deserved planktons to the account, but that will be described the next time I escape from the eye socket of @slobberchops.

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków




If you found this article so invigorating that you are now a positively googly-eyed, drooling lunatic with dripping saliva or even if you liked it just a bit, then please upvote, comment, resteem, engage me or all of these things.


Even then my master was into DERPS.

So many comments then, so many.

This gotta be the most frightening curation initiative I have ever put my eyes on... See what I did there?

... I will show myself out.

I see everything master @holm, and changes are afoot. Good writers need not be afraid of the @eyeofchops.

HAHAHA, Someone kill now

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Be nice to have a little comment from everyone supported by the account, so we can grow our connections.

Some appreciation from the current receivers of the account in form of votes, no matter how big would help everyone get bigger quicker. The account will never power down and continue to grow, but at what pace?

It is rather different from the Learjet interior we were used to, yes.

It's good to see you are still well your reverence. The decor is indeed not to the mentioned standard, and one must sometimes accommodate downgrades in lifestyle.

You know this way madness lies, don't you?
Having said that, bring on the eye (just not near me) 😎

The @eyeofchops will be giving out more frequent updates from now, and may well reveal some of the madness inside the mind of @slobberchops too. Keep watching mistress @shanibeer

LOL, you have finally made your photo more freaky, and that is quite some achievement! It's kind of Sauron-like!

....ummmm the eye, it made me forget what I was going to write....

I hope you keep the slobbery one in check in Poland. My humble goal is to be where you are now in December!

Thanks so much for the ongoing support.

Even if it's just a small upvote, I appreciate it the same as a big one! I hope your support buddy sticks around for a while, plenty of plankton to help!

FOR TSE: @eyeofchops ---> you are definitely my kind of organ. (I googled that to make sure that's actually what you are, 'cause I don't want to get the stink-eye from you in case I was wrong.)

You're a better human being than most humans I know. And I won't tell the slobbery one ( @slobberchops ) about your clandestine roaming if you don't.

Keep doing good things. It reaps marvelous Karma.

Uhhhhh. I hope my eye isn't that creepy. I mean, really.

I'll keep an eye out for future developments, that's for sure.

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I upvoted your post.

Keep steeming for a better tomorrow.
@Acknowledgement - God Bless

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