Double Standards

in funny •  3 months ago

I got home from a long day at work, and I leaned in to give my wife a kiss, and what did she say. You need moisturizer on your face, you are getting wrinkly. Well I love you too? I replied, and I thought about it, if I would say that to her, she would probably be mad, and I would be on the couch. I really did not care, I just thought it was really funny. So I am going to start rubbing my face with coconut oil, and see how long she like sleeping next to me. She might thing she is in Hawaii, but my guess is by week 1 she be like okay enough of that. coconutoil.jpg

So I need to get me a Genie bottle the make it look legit.

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Try taking really cold showers, not only will you no longer have dry skin but there is a host of different benefits.

Check out Wim Hof - he is a genius when it comes to cold science.

No one believed him until he was doing crazy stuff like climbing mount Everest with no shirt, wearing shorts


Geeze so I have to tighten up my skin? That is what you want me to do. Ya and Cold Science might be a way to go. But shirtless on Everest is crazy.


I don't know if cold water tightens up the skin, but warm/hot water dries up the skin fast.
Wim Hof always says running in the cold with clothes on isn't really a challenge lol

place almond oil. in a week you will see the results

You are learning well sir. It is safer to just think these things and never express them verbally. You have already taken a great deal of risk in writing this post. Oh, no. Now I have compromised myself. LOL

Everyone gives you advice but I really want to know if you started applying coconut oil on your face hehehe. I think the smell can tire you out and tell you that if she loves you so old man to you hahaha.