Can you believe it Lebron moves again.

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We as americans in the last 10 years have had plenty of Lebron drama, and I am done. The media coverage for a man who can dribble a basketball is ridiculous. We have had less coverage on the volcano in Hawaii, and any other tragic event in america. We need to remember that sports really and I mean really don't matter. But as the media will hold this story hostage, and will beat it to death, and will try to get inside his head, life will go on. I watched Stephen A Smith talk about it and what really put it into perspective, was when he said this was one of the biggest moments of his life. Are you kidding me, your biggest moment of your life was reporting on what another dude is doing with his lebron.jpg

Just funny that this effects so many people. I am definitely looking forward to the burning video of the kings jerseys in Ohio. Some of them are pretty funny.

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It gets so much attention because it's what people want to read, check out the google search numbers for Lebron in the last day vs. that of the volcanos in Hawaii. That right there says it all.


I would also say the the lack of coverage, makes it where very few people even know it is going on. So they don't even know to google search it. Where lebron is everywhere, and people catch a half story and look it up to just fill in the blanks.


That could be a small part of it, sure. Though, people don't spend $200 on a volcano jersey... Clearly the public cares more about one over the other. Whether that is right or wrong, it is what it is.

Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless, or as I call him Skip Baseless are the worst. Not a single drop of useful info comes from them.


Ya, I only ever see him on vacation, when I am staying at a place with cable.

Taking his Talent to Venice Beach...

It's funny the coverage this guy gets. I am not a fan of him at all, the jerseys will be burning.....LOL!!!!😂

I'm a sports fan, but too many people live vicariously through the athletes and teams they follow. Sports can be an entertaining diversion but should be kept in perspective.

I think we underestimate the money that a simple tabloid news can make, and that's what sport currently includes, the sensationalism. but, ask Cristiano or Messi.

As gifted a player as Lebron may be I lost all interest in him the moment he put on the ridiculous extravaganza when he went to Miami. What makes him think that he is so freaking important. The sad part is, there are lots of people waiting with baited breath at his decisions. Pffft. I have better things to do.