Life in Crypto is Like..... #34 | How You Feel When Your Coin Moons.

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We are all here early in this space, we are all early adapters, bear that in mind and Remain Encouraged

So much Crypto........ So little time.

Another classic week in Crypto!! -- Do you relate to this???

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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You should make "How you feel when your coin drops" version I bet people gonna laugh as well = )

Thank you for contributing to the Steemit Community.Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next posts.

Yep we need a cartoon for coins you hold when they get de-listed from ewchanges

hola! I like your post! Thanks for it! I went to jail because of cryptos... lets make steemit together to a better place with our content! I would like to read a bit more about you and maybe do you have some more pictures? I also just wrote a introduce yourself. Maybe you upvote me and follow me swell as I do?

Don't make cut and paste spammy link dropping replies like this on posts, make comments about the person's content with meaningful comments or you will be flagged by a lot of people.

How did you get to 40 rep with this kind of reply which is so obvious????

How has he got close to 200 followers too? :S

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Thanks for cryptocurrency news update providing.... i appreciate this funny.

Im the gold and silver guy, but i see what crypto is about. Bitcoin is overvalued right now though I would start in some of these other cryptos, but thats just me still understand why crypto got started though.

It's overvalued NOW? When it has lost half it's value almost ---- yes with issues but still.

Overbought maybe in the weeks leading up to Christmas ATH's at $20k but the fundamentals.....

Why else would Wall St. be so involved, buying it and shorting it ?

all i know is if it doesnt get down below 100 dollars its overvalued

So BTC, and every other coin is overvalued if it hits $100 right now?

Of worthless gov't backed Fiat dollars, backed by nothing and completely debased with no responsible policy around it, at all, and controlled by a Central Bank cabal?

I am just trying to clarify here.

I just dont see how it has value other then the full faith and credit of the people who use it? i agree that i dislike the dollar at least as long as it is fiat, but what determines the value of cyrptos? im trying to clarify myself

1/ Math. Math is hard for the goverrnment because they fuck up everything they touch and we all know and agree on that. Math makes too much sense and is incorruptable.

Unlike gov't - key word corrupt.

2 / It has no borders.

3/ It is better than any money or metals and yes, I have metals.

4 / It has more portable, storable, transferable options globally than metals, tied to point above.

I could go on, it is late for me, that should get you started.

If you were not in Steemit, I could not quickly UV a comment and transfer money to you, like this with my vote.

Well, I guess that is my last reason after all.

But I'm looking for a currency cryptos are good I love steem but we still have to fix what we use to barter if everyone made there money by up voting comments who would grow the food make the clothes? How do we distribute this currency?

hahaha yeah crypto is going to touch the moon soom :p

great picture, crazy!

the profile pic is that you? or is that your favorite model?

To the Moon!!! :)

Lmfao. This is so me when my investments start doing well. But when they go bad or dump its kind of like being in a state of depression. Lets hope Steem, Cardano, Tron, Stellar, and Ripple all go to the MOON😮🎑

Do not forget $EOS / #EOS.

@eosio with @dan / @dantheman is gonna change the world man.

I am so chill when stuff takes a dump, you may have noticed when I keep posting to Buy the dip and that

Crypto is on Sale Again!


I have not bought EOS yet but maybe with my tax returns I will get some. A good bit of my funds are locked in Cryptopia because of there non sense. I will be opting out as soon as I possibly can out of there

Aw frick man. That sucks this is dragging on. I feel badly.

DM me your EOS address and I will get you started.

IDK why some people here dislike me so much. I am overall pretty nice LOL!

Nite my man.


This is an awesome post thanks for the encouragement

I do what I can man.


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