Capture a Cat… With a Shape?

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So you need to catch a cat.

Cats can be notorious to catch. The slippery little buggers are lithe and squirmy. Plus there's the whole sharp claws and teeth thing.

But there’s one sure way to capture your four legged fur-friend.

In fact, this method attracts cats faster than a shark to a fresh shaving nik.

All you need is tape.

No, I’m not advocating apprehending your mini leopard with the duct tape to the wall trick

It’s actually very simple. And very efficient.

How to Catch a Cat with a Square


A Cat

Tape- preferably painters tape as it won’t cause damage

A bare floor or low pile carpet


Place tape on the floor at your preferred seizure site in a square like so:

Before long the cat you wish to "take into custody", as well as any other felines in the area, will saunter right into your trap, ripe for seizure.

Unless you have a broken cat:

First be sure that neither your cat nor your square are defective.

But if that's the case and you cannot capture your cat with a tape square you will need to get creative and take extraordinary measures. Plain cardboard boxes tend to do the trick on any form of feline:

Disclaimer: This info is intended for informational and fun purposes only. I do not advocate harm on any animal. Use your tape squares for your and your fur-babies entertainment and enjoyment.

Fun Fact Even a piece of notebook paper will have the same effect on many kitties:

Just make sure your cat doesn't eat your homework:

Try it yourself and post your cute pictures in the comments!

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That’s amazing. And very funny. I knew about boxes and pieces of paper (especially newspaper), but I had no idea about squares! If I want to catch a cat, I just put out a brown paper bag, open, on the ground. Sometimes I toss something into the bag like a marble or a very small wad of paper. They can’t resist!

Oh yes, bags work great! And a prize inside? You must be a very treasured commodity amongst your fur-babies ;)

Oh, it's just fun to see them chase it into the bag! You must try it. They're so dang cute.

Cats are some of the cutest things, seriously! I currently have a rescue who is one year, who's owners hurt her into playing, as apparantly she wasn't playing like she had as a kitten. She came to me, I healed her wounds and got her to trust again, and she now plays more than the kittens who come here. Her absolute favorite toy is a simple pipe cleaner! Oh, the hours of fun she has with a simple little pipe cleaner!

Oh yes, they love the simplest things. I tie a piece of twine to a door handle and one of my cats plays with that thing for hours. Poor kitty. I'm so glad you rescued her and gave her a good home!

Didn't work right... something went horribly wrong...


I'm confident that if you put tape, a box, or a piece of paper on the floor for a real practical reason, your cat will lay on top of it to prevent you from doing what you intended. But if you put them on the floor for the purpose of catching the cat, they'll get as far away from it as possible. And probably watch from the other room as you scratch your head trying to figure out why it isn't working. Of course, they'll be laughing.

Ah, you have the special breed of a$$hole felinus. ;)

Aww cuteness overload lol!! Well done!

Nope, mine does not even look in the direction of it. For the first time in my life I also have cats that do not give a damn about a box - very strange.

Immunity to boxes, aye? Very strange indeed...

What are you feeding them?!

Hahaha it is as if they are just interested in the garden - all other things are in their way.

The Best Trap for a Cat I have ever Seen is an Empty Box.........@arbitrarykitten

True that. That's why the square tape works- mind trick. Semblance of box ;)

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Thats soo funny ^^ .. I have to get my tape out and try it too !