This is 'ONLY' a 'TEST'... (Do Not Read, if it Fails to Get Published)

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WARNING: Don't waste your time reading this post if it doesn't appear on your screen, nor vote or comment on it either...

This Is Only a Test

I finally got some work done around the house while Steemit was down; fortunately, because of my past overly addictive attention to it :>)

See....??? It wasn't all that bad, now was it? Stop your angry ranting about the blockchain fiasco over the past couple of days. Don't crack open that forth bottle of Vodka to drown in your sorrow and stop screaming out the window to every passerby in such harsh tones...You're scaring them!!!!!

Everything will be'll see...calm down...before you give yourself a stroke...

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I can finally get back to my mid-day snooze...…...ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Another Fine Frolic From the Mind of @Angryman on Steemit, Sept 3, 2019

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I so do like a good snooze, can't wait to get off work and just slam down on bed for my afternoon nap... Fuck am I getting old or just learning what is good in life, forth comes the vodka... Oh no here we go. !tipuvote 1

Snoozing is're becoming more wise with your advancing age :>)
Thanks for the @TipU too my friend. It's very considerate of you.

Right now I don't know what is working and what is not, so let me try to give you a tasty !BEER to wash down the vodka. It might or might not arrive.

Gee thanks @bashadowhicburppppppp!!!!! The beer arrived.

Glad it did, last week the poor beer bot was sleeping one off for a few days . Glad it worked.


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it worked !

Grazie...Dank je...Gracias...Shukrann...Hvala vam...Merci...대단히 감사합니다…Dhanyavaad...Thank you...Salamat...謝謝...Kiitos… אדאנק

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