Fungi Friday - What Will My Luck Be?.

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Let's go find us some fungies!!


I was excited about going to Fraser's Hill the other days, hoping I can finally see some fungi of any sort since it's a highland with pouring rain for a fine few weeks now. It's impossible I won't see one right?



First I found these fellas popping out from a cut-down tree at the side of an Edible Garden, cast aside at the back of the fences. Poor thing... But was excited nevertheless because finally after a month I saw some mushrooms!

So I went looking for more, especially those abandoned tree trunk, sure I can find one right!!??

Does this one have? Nope, just wrapped around by tiny blue flowers. They are beautiful though...


Nope, not this one too, and the ferns are dying! The trunk of the tree must be sick or something...


After searching for half a day, there's still no luck of any wild fungi, I was really frustrated... And wondering why as well...

Anyway, this post is for #fungifriday by @ewkaw, a disappointing one I hope, not... Better luck next time, I hope, again...


All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Thank you @appreciator, you made my day!

Beautiful photography

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Ohh so many of them there! And they look cool :)
Happy Fungifriday!

Happy weekend to you @ewkaw!

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