The Hemping Hand Foundation: Healing through the Blockchain

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Hello everyone! I am @ericwilson and I am helping a friend with a project.


She is amazing and already helps cancer patients aquire RSO. Periodically she asks for donations on Facebook and I always try to help. Last time she asked they were able to raise $100 within 10 minutes (and that is generally how fast it happens).

She was even able to help someone here on Steem (I will let them to come forward if they choose).

I was considering ways to fundraise here on Steem. I think that this community is really awesome and people step forward when needed.

The below information goes directly to her to fund various projects in addition to getting RSO to patients (you can keep an eye on the Facebook Page for what the latest updates are). All liquid donations and 50% of the liquid rewards here go directly to the purchase of RSO.


Here what I was thinking:
I created this account and powered up roughly $20 worth of Steem. Currently I have it set to sell all votes when it is above 80% through SmartSteem. All donations in Fiat I personally receive will go towards the purchase of Steem. Half of that will go directly towards RSO and the other half with go towards SP. (Edit: We plan on posting from this account once a week).

We obviously appreciate upvotes but what this account will be is not in it's final form.

Moving foward we will work on transparency while maintaining confidentiality for patients and grow the trust that ALL money goes to EXACTLY where we say it does.

If you have any suggestions PLEASE leave a comment and if you would prefer to speak to me directly please feel free to DM me on Discord: EricWilson#1388


Do you plan on posting on this account much? Cause im putting it on the upvote path from Canna-Curate.

Thank you @jonyoudyer!!!!!

I plan on posting once a week from this account for now but I am open to suggestions. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I also want to talk to you soon. We already have a list of RSO patients in need but it would be great to link up and see what kind of synergy we can create.


Well lets for sure get you on one of our shows. Also I have this account to receive 20% up vote once a day from canna, so maybe try to post more often. That's all I have for now, ill think of more.

Awesome initiative, thanks for doing this to help even more!!

What an amazing mission you have!! @thehempinghand Congratulations to all the 16 ppl now in remission because of your CBD campagine. Keep on doing your thing!! 💗✊🌸

You should come on one of our shows in the canna server to promote this.


Hello. Have you made contact with Hemp, Inc. ( You might be able to work with them to lower costs and increase CBD availability. They like working with growers and have CBD processing available in Arizona, North Carolina, and Oregon.

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