All Steemians, Lets Unite

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California is once again experiencing another record breaking fire season. Each year it keeps getting worse. Regardless of your views, people are in need of assistance.


This is a friend of @krazypoet in SOcal, luckly they escaped

But others have not been so lucky. These fires have been the most destructive in state history.

Now Ive heard it all before. Why live in a fire zone? California is rich, who cares. Global warming, global cooling, etc. etc. But like I said none of this matters, PEOPLE NEED HELP!


Canna Curate is thowing our support behind fellow Steemians @krazypoet and the SoCal Discord to raise awareness of a fundraiser campaign found at!/@krazypoet/dpwoth7ig. Steem, SBD, and Paypal are accepted. No donation is to small. Don't have any money to donate? No worries resteem this post to spread it around to all Steemians. All liquid SBD from this post will go to the fundraiser.


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My grandparent's home is gone.
At least they are still with us.

Sorry yea these fires suck, I know 6 personally who lost homes 2 that died trying to escape in thier suv. This year is worse too... this sucks , I think California needs to build homes that are fireproof. Be well, happy to hear they are ok tho.

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My heart goes out to you. Seeing all the fund raising efforts really gives me encouragement that this community will rebound. Hell or high water, the people of Paradise are resilient!

Thank you, I know this is horrible, we have to question what's really going on this is no wildfire and they dont get that hot, if you research whats really going on with these California fires it will blow you mind. But we will rebuild and stick together to help anyway we can. Be well and be safe and if its doesn't make sense question it.

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Damn. Sorry to hear this. How long did they live here for?

They've been Paradise residents for more than fifty years. Both sides of my family have Paradise roots. It's been rough listening to my parents discuss the situation with long time friends and acquaintances. So many sad stories and harsh realities.

Our hearts are with you. A good friend and fellow Steemian, @dynamicgreentk was saying a friend of his was going to be giving out RSO to those who need it that was displaced by the fire up there. Come to the Discord and hit us up if you know anybody that might need this type of help.

Terrible!! Very good they are safe though!!

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Thank you @phoenixwren!! Mad love and respect your way.

Likewise. Stay safe out there, y'all. <3

My heart hurts when I think about all the damage that is happening in California and other places around the world. I wish there was more I could do to help fix it all. I know there are some forces at work that are behind the scenes making things happen that otherwise wouldn't, may they all be held responsible.

Best wishes to all the affected people/families/animals

Thanks brother! Your so right. But all of us regalur folk can ban together and fight this. It’s such a shame there is so much division in the world. The powers at be like it this way so we don’t unite and defeat them.

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Contributing my bit with a 100% upvote. I know its too less but hopefully resteeming too will help.

Not at all. TBH there is nothing we can give to replace life, or a lifetime of memories. But at least we can show love to each other.

Very true. Life is priceless

this is devastating to see, I actually included the fundraising link in my last newsletter and hope all the uv's and donations can help make a dent in rebuilding what people lost :(

Team good in action! I wish i would of seen it sooner, but better late then never

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Good looking out! We love want you do for the community.

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Thank you for posting about this, I have re-steemed to help get the word out and will see what I can donate. My prayers are with everyone affected by these fires.

Thanks bro! There is so many good people here on this platform

Ok so coincidentally this post qualifies to enter into the #TeamGood edition of the #TribeVibes contest I just posted. It would be super easy for you to enter this one. Do you want to do the @canna-curate #TribeVibes contest next week? I was thinking a "show us your outdoor harvest flowers" contest would be kind of cool - even if it was just someone else's flowers from a friends harvest, as not everyone grows. It is honestly kind of hard for me to pass the torch on this one, since I would love to host it being a huge cannabis enthusiast, however it is important that as many community leaders as possible host these contests to encourage further conscious unity and maximum promotion of 1UP across more accounts.

if you want you can write the post and i can post it on canna curate. Ofcourse slapping your name on it

Canna is in charge of this one, but I would love to throw an entry up for sure.

This is most unfortunate, we don't need more forest fires right now...


Great post. I gave and also some of my SoCal fam has been effected so all posts like these are a help in bringing awareness.

Thanks Eagle! Yeah this was an easy cause to get behind. Since im in the valley, im just experiencing some heavy smoke. I cant imagine whats its like for those in the fire zone