Loves are like Chocolatier in the Fundition-Beautiful Sunday✨

in fundition •  7 months ago

Today is crazy hot, I into a Godiva store, bought an ice-cream, I saw a lot of chocolatier being displayed, I thought of my favorites Dark chocolate. It has a bit bitter at begin and basically, it's sweet, that like a project at fundition.

I wish hope and love are both enough at

今天超级热,我进了一个Godiva商店,买了一个冰淇淋,我看到很多展示着的巧克力,我想到了自己最喜欢的黑巧克力。 它给人先苦后甜的口感很像一个筹款项目。


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Thank you for reading. ヾ( ̄▽ ̄) See ya.
All photos were taken by me, with my iPhoneSE.

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Thank you~😄

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Thank you💕!

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