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We have launched a fanpage of Mysteem.pl on Facebook.com. This is the next step towards effective worldwide promotion of STEEM and our community.

We will promote here, above all, interesting content created by our amazing MySTEEM Angels. After the first edition of the vote, the community chose 10 brilliant Angels:


Angels, your content will be promoted on this fanpage at first place. Don't expect it to be just a link to some of your articles with a short invitation to click on it. The idea of promoting your content is much more interesting.
Because for 2 years I was running an advertising agency and I dealt mainly with promotion in Social Media I’ve got a few aces up my sleeve. :)

Today the profile was prepared for the first actions. If you want to know what content we will publish on our fanpage, feel free to give a “like” to Mysteem.pl on Facebook.com.
In the next steps we will launch a profile on Instagram and a channel on Youtube. Thanks to this we will be able to run consistent and connected promotional activities.

I would like to thank the @fundition for support and I can assure you that on the fanpage we have also prepared a special place for you. :)

If you want to know about the progress of MySTEEM Project, be sure to follow my profile @see-it-feel-it.

All your upvotes support MySTEEM Project, which goal is to promote STEEM worldwide.

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This sounds amazing! I'll make sure to follow the Facebook page. You are doing something amazing :)


Thanks @anomadsoul! I am sure that with such a team we will certainly do something amazing! ;)

Oh, you ran an agency. We need to talk :) thank you for promoting us!!


It's a pleasure because we have really great Angels. 💙😇 If you have any questions, feel free to write to me at the discord. ;)

Super stoked to see how well it will work in attracting new users :) Will you be publishing the monthly stats like reach, view, clicks and which posts performed the best?


Of course. I want to publish a comparison of ads, with campaign costs, reach, number of reactions or redirections to links. Thanks to this we will be able to measure the effectiveness of our actions.


Awesome! I do data analytics for a living so I’m happy to help you set up dashboards! What tools you using? I like using google data studios to create automated reports, I can share my templates with you if you like!

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Oh, you are awesome! Thank you for your offer. Previously I had a man who was preparing all the reports. I have to take a closer look at data studio. Do you also work with data from Facebook and other social media?


Yes I do work with other data sources like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google Ads. I normally intergrate them all into automated data studios reports for clients. It's made my life a lot easier and no more having to deal with excel sheets/google sheets and pulling and mapping data and reviewing feeds.

PowerBI is also a good option

I love to see the project progressing! Can't wait to see how it will work :) Thank you for this idea and investing your time in this project!


I love it when I'm as involved as I am in this project. It gives me more energy and motivation so it brings me a lot of enjoyment. And if we can do good things together for our community, I'm twice as happy!

This is awesome! You are doing great things for the community and for steemit as a whole.


Thank you @derangedvisions for your kind words, do my best.

Wow @see-it-feel-it, you sure are a do-er, aren't you? :) What a great project you've got going here; I haven't been on Facebook for sometime, but I'll make a point of going there and liking your page, and try to spread the word as well :)

Thank you again, and great job! :)


Thanks @lynncoyle1 for your support! :) Yes, you are right, I'm a do-er and I like to do creative things. That's why I'm already working on the next progress of this project. 💪😃


That's awesome and you are most welcome!

I wanted to share this post with you today too :)


It's so beautiful what you do @lynncoyle1 for others! It's amazing to see others show gratitude for your goodness. I also send a lot of good energy to Brian!
@unyimeetuk you are very talented, you have made a beautiful gift drawn with gratitude. <3


awww thank you @see-it-feel-it :) It makes me happy to help others and see them succeed; he is such a talented artist, and it was killing me to see such little post payouts. I taught him to show process pics along the way, and he's been continually "curied" ever since! So awesome...he totally deserves it!

Thanks again for all you do to bring out the positives here! Speaking of, I appreciate the positive energy you're sending to Brian as well :)

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Great initiative! I no longer go to Facebook for much but will definitely share the page with other that do! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you @newageinv for your kind words and support! 🙏

Wow, really cool and what an honor.