H @impactn. The difference between good and bad storytelling is that good one is interesting and provokes an emotional response in readers. I am sure you have seen them both. Whenever something you are reading is interesting, it is good and when it is boring, it is bad. You can recognize great storytelling if it does the following:

  1. Does it leave the reader interested and wanting for more?
  2. Was the reader emotionally involved and his attention captivated?
  3. Does the reader want to talk about it and share it with other people?

While every project that is done on has its value, look at them and read them. I am sure you will very quickly see some of them that stand out. Take a look at 3 FUN ways You can help Children SUCCEED! from @dreemsteem, 🚚 + STEEMtruck! Click & Support! by @the.foodini, and KINGDOM. First culture center powered by STEEM by @fundacja. Those 3 are pretty good examples of interesting storytelling.

Fundition team

Ahhhhh thanks! I must have had a good teacher!!!! Hehehehe 😉

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