The 1st Fundition Campaign of the Global School finished successfully!

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What good news to announce you today!

First of all, as you know for some time now, we have our crowdfunding campaign on This campaign, which lasted the time of our winter camp, was made to help us to support steem blockchain awareness and education at @globalschool.


Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 11.30.58.png

The money raised will be used, among other things, to help the team cover the costs of its material, equipment and the organization of a cultural event.

And we are happy to announce that we have reached our goal of 300 euros and even more! This was only possible thanks to your constant support!!

We hope to have your support again for our next crowdfunding campaign which will start in June for the @globalschool Summer Camp!

Here are our wonderful backers:
@Siamcat, @Gexi, @Sho-t, @For91days, @Yumleadership, @Jznsamuel, @Ocdb, @Mammasitta , @Gtg, @Limesoda, @Twinner, @Roelandp, @Vieanna, @Vikisecrets, @Reiseamateur, @Lizanomadsoul, @manncpt, @Magicmonk, @Tashidelek, @Hendrikdegrote, @Kasho, @Massivevibration , @Double-u, @Reconnectnature, @Freiheit50, @Arcange, @Steemprotect, @Mangos , @Actifit-peter, @Uwelang, @jnmarteau, @Peter2017, @Bubke, @Vladivostok , @Lichtblick, @Lawrenceho84, @Tombstone, @Jeanpi1908, @Detlev , @Kevinwong , @Goyard , @Pennsif, @Bitrocker2020, @Jeenger, @Curationvoter, @Tomhall, @Jeffrey24864, @Liliana.duarte, @Htliao , @Predictionbot, @Austroboost, @Sco, @Rivalzzz, @Tazazkp, @Crowdmind, @Diana.feuerberg, @Hilarski, @Shortcut, @Oldtimer, @Greencross, @Sciencevienna, @Backinblackdevil, @Rocksg, @Supu, @Smartcoin, @Techslut, @Azfix, @Matytan, @Josediccus, @Ddaily, @Steemchoose, @Foxkoit, @Curie, @Steem-bootcamp, @Tonalddrump, @Ran.koree, @Stayoutofherz, @Steemflower, @Followmikecee, @Mariska.lubis, @Burakakdogan, @Infinitelearning, @Artpoet, @Steemitboard, @Ctime, @Vact, @Wackou, @Addicttolife, @Lotto-austria, @Hightouch, @Conradsuperb, @Nicoletta, @Germanbot, @Neophilosoph, @Babschnae, @Gamersclassified, @Steemarity


We also especially want to thank @chris4210 from @payger for allowing us to close our campaign on time.

Which brings me to our second good news of the day. @Payger is no longer just one of our privileged partners but it is also one of our generous donors. Because yesterday was the signing of the contract between @Payger and @Globalschool / @Yumleadership for the cessation of rights for the use of the domain for the next five years.

The two representatives @chris4210 and @manncpt signing the contract

photo_2019-03-29 13.05.52.jpeg
@bertille-aa, @chris4210 and @manncpt at @Payger HQ in Munich

I'm talking about @Payger since the beginning of the article, but what is @Payger? It is a new coin agnostic payment platform for digital assets. The platform enables you to store, transfer and trade multiple digital assets and is providing global payment solutions for everyone, everywhere, at any time.

Capture d’écran 2019-03-29 à 13.18.16.png

It’s goal? “To combine the best available technologies in order to provide a global real-time payment network, automate payment processes, reduce friction and settlement times resulting in lower costs across the whole value chain. We are eager to become one of the leading providers for blockchain-based payments.” (Source: Payger Website)

We are delighted to have @Payger as a partner!

In Mai the next students arrive. Then we will launch the Summer Camp and develop with you… So don’t forget to stay tuned! See you at the next #steemit-austria or @steem-munich meetups!

Thank you again all of you! Lot of love,

@bertille-aa and the @globalschool team consisting of @jnmarteau, @mammasitta, @lizanomadsoul and @manncpt.


We thank Chris and the wonderful Global school team for their amazing work! Their passion and dedication of teaching new users about blockchain technologies and the steemit platform are fantastic. We especially like how the global school follows a hands-on approach and ever new student is going to open a new steemit account and dive deep into the steem universe. Learning by doing is the best teacher!

That is why we are very excited to support their work where ever we can.

Thank you, Chris and Bertille for your visit to our @Payger office in Munich yesterday and the great kickoff of our partnership! We cannot wait for !!! This will be a blast <3

It was a pleasure to meet you and begin our collaboration yesterday! Thanks again for your support ... We can not wait to start the new adventure too :)

Thank you for your generous donation to the @globalschool! We are also really happy to promote the future of blockchain payments with @payger. On top of that we are looking forward to the summer camp developing with our next IT students. It will be an awesome project for them. I am sure they will be really glad to have the chance to work with us on it. See you soon at the next @steem-munich meetup! ;)

Thank you @chris4210 and @payger for your support and this awesome opportunity! We are looking forward to build steemschool with you. :)


Oh, WOW, both of you and the whole team did an excellent job. I love the pic to see @manncpt and @chris4210 signing a contract.

I need to dig more into this project so I am able to better support you guys!

Thank you for sharing these wonderful news! :-)

Thank you Peter! Yes, it was a special day. @bertille-aa and me can tell you more about the project and the summer camp plans at the next @steem-munich meetup. We are already excited! :)

Congratulations Team Global School 🎉
You guys are great and I am so happy for you ❤️🍀

Thank you @siamcat, without you this wouldn't been possible. Also a big thumps up for the @fundition team and community. We really appreciated your continuous support throughout the whole campaign! :)

Congratulations on reaching the project Goal. You are Fantastic.

The CooperFelix - Multiservices invites the users to take a look at the objectives of the project, hoping for your participation THE CF-M Project on Fundition


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Thank you for all the upvotes, the support of the team & community! 💗


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When the Globalschool'students ask questions on Steem, @askanything will upvote their questions. Use the tag asa for question to be detected.

Great Initiative guys - am a bit late to the party again but happy to support your programs once I know more details. Keep me in the loop @chris4210 @manncpt

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Let's meet. I am still in Munich until Easter.

I hope to have bit more time next week, will hit you on Discord or Teelgram

Longue vie à Steemschool ;)

Et félicitations à toute l'équipe sur ce formidable projet mondial que Solidarityworld va soutenir à fond dans les prochaines semaines ;)

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