1st week report and fundition campaign update 2019 - Written by Bertille

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Hello Steemians!

I would like to start this article by wishing you a very happy new year 2019 filled with good things, and then that's it, the @globalschool end-of-year break is now over and things are getting serious again.

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As you have already read, this Monday, January 14th was the inauguration of Winter Camp 2019 of the Global School. But then, what happened during that first week? It's time for a small retrospective.


Didn't we say that everything starts on Monday? Well yes, but the whole team met last Sunday for a brunch at @mammasitta (@manncpt article here) to take stock after the end of year break but also to introduce myself and officially start my work as a program manager at @globalschool within my master study internship at @opt2o (my article here).

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The start of the week was punctuated by its administrative side between office maze for some or purchase of equipment for other. Even if it doesn't sound to be a lot... It was!!


Tuesday was more busy. The team met at the beginning of the afternoon for a working session concerning the planning of the next weeks. After that, @reiseamateur, who came especially from Graz for the 18th monthly #steemit-austria meetup, went to Hug Inn to chat with @manncpt, @gexi and @jnmarteau about a Steem workshop collaboration that will take place on January, 24th, you are all invited to join this first official workshop of the Winter Camp.

Then at the end of the day, @gexi, @manncpt and I took the direction of the city center to attend two events ...

... one organized by Austrian Startups in the presence of the Minister for Digital & Economic Affairs, for their 66th Stammtisch whose theme was the new digitalisation plan of the government;

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... and the other was the 18th Viennese Steemit Stammtisch organized by @mundharmonika and @manncpt, where I met @mammasitta, @reiseamateur, @stayoutoftherz, @vikisecrets, @thermoplastic, @siamcat and @infinitelearning.

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You can find many articles on the subject written by:

@siamcat: Steemit meetup Austria

@infinitelearning: 18th Steemit Austria meetup - My impressions

@vikisecrets: Hard-core Steemians at the 18th Vienna Steemit meetup

@manncpt: The Austrian startups event & steem community meetup on Tuesday / Die Veranstaltung der Österreichischen Startups & der steem Stammtisch am Dienstag

@bertille-aa: First steps in Vienna: Austrian Startups event and Wiener Stammtisch EN/FR


The appointment was taken at @mammasitta's cocoon for the meeting of the communication team, led by @manncpt. The afternoon continued for me by a meeting with @jnmarteau concerning the fundings applications to the various calls for projects of the European Commission like Key Action 1 & 2; and for that matter it will be the theme of a workshop proposed by the @globalschool on February, 12th led by me to inform people who are interested in funding opportunities.

Capture d’écran 2019-01-18 à 21.29.13.png
Sunset over Vienna from @mammasitta's cocoon


This day was "planning day". The challenge of the day was to complete the planning of the next two months with important appointments and events, but also with various workshops and multicultural brunches and dinners, that will be part of the @globalschool's program for the Winter Camp this year.

As a little overview, I can say that the topics of the workshops would be for example (non-exhaustive list): strategic design, communication strategy, media production, ERP tools, graphic design, website development ...

The day continued with the "weXelerate pitch night" where @gexi, @manncpt and myself went. The evening began with a small concert of young trumpet players and saxophinist, then representatives of startups who were selected by weXelerate. After the keynote we witnessed the competition between 5 people representing their startups, who had only 3 minutes to perform their pitch. The themes were varied, the scores quite tight but finally the winner was a startup that links restaurants and suppliers via a common platform. If you need more information I can answer further question in the comments section.

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It's a new workshop day that closed the week, on today's program: European Union and strategy implementation. What a program! And now, even if it's now the weekend, this doesn't mean that the team is not working, the work sessions continue to guarantee future students, members, partners and sponsors alike to have an experience with @globalschool that is always more professional but above all personal.

This is why I remind you that the @fundition crowdfunding campaign to support steem blockchain awareness and education is still open ... Just follow this link if you want to have more information and participate.

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Have a nice weekend dear Steemians!

All the best, @bertille-aa.

📸 Photo Credits: @siamcat, @manncpt & @bertille-aa

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Awesome report @bertille-aa. We are a good team and I am really happy that you are here, now! ;)


Thank you @manncpt, I'm also really happy to be here :)

Great project update, keep it up!

Hi @globalschool, love to see that your project is going forward.


The whole team is super motivated and work hard to bring this project forward!

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