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It is marvelous when people meet in person. There have been great friendships built on this blockchain platform and many of them have been transferred to real day to day lives. It gives us pleasure to be able to support projects which are focused on bringing people together and organizing steem meetups.


We have two projects to tell you about today. One, we already presented to you but it is good to be reminded of good things, right? The other one, we are particularly happy about and are looking forward to seeing how it goes. The first project is about a meet up in Venezuela, and the second about a meet up in Penang so you have two continents to choose from before deciding which group of people you will visit.


This meet up is organized by @votovzla and will take place in the city of "El Tigre" - Anzoategui. The main theme will be "Steem as an opportunity for innovation". They will be focused on promoting the blockchain and finding new ways to influence generations of people with amazing opportunities that steem has to offer. More than 300 people will attend and there will be some great DApps presented.

Original photo is owned by @votovzla

To read all about this project and learn how you can support it, visit it on by simply clicking on the link: Meetup in Venezuela on April 6th and be sure to check the steemit profile @votovzla. You can also read our promotional post about this project here.


This meet up is organized by @bitrocker2020 and will take place in the Penang, a vibrant town in Northern Malaysia. The topics which will be covered are mostly about the introduction to the Steem Blockchain and all the available "DAPPS" that can be used to post on it. The idea is that new users know there is a difference between Steemit and Steem Blockchain. By supporting this project, you are supporting new steemians too because the additional STEEM Power gathered during the campaign will be used to fund new accounts with some delegations to enable them to start posting on the Steem Blockchain.

Original photo is owned by @bitrocker2020

To read all about this project and learn how you can support it, visit it on by simply clicking on the link: Penang Steem Sharing Bootcamp and be sure to check the steemit profile @bitrocker2020.


We do hope that you will get the chance to participate in one of these amazing events. Meetups are always fun to be involved with and when they have a purpose of promoting or education about blockchain technology, they get even better. These two projects share one goal. They want to spread the word about steem and to bring people together. Give them your love and give them your support. By moving away from our screens and stepping into the real outside world, we are bringing that inside one with us. We are merging and joining those two worlds together and creating a better future. A future where everyone will shine brightly. Create your mix of worlds, and help them create theirs. Donate on Fundition.

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There are Steem meetups happening all around the world ...

Hey I got a Portland Oregon meet-up... Every Sunday at the Portland drum circle!

And got a meet-up steemian party April 20th! 420 on 420!

Mad love and I gotta check your group out!

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Thanks a lot for supporting the MeetUp💕🇻🇪

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Hi, @fundition!

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Good and worthy support!

I will be thinking of meet-up in Bangladesh and probably it will be first meet-up here. But Right now it will be difficult to do with current law and perhaps I need to check alternatives.

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Thanks you @fundition for your support to Meetup Steem Venezuela.

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