Donate in the name of Fundition, get your money back, or more!

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Hello there beautiful people,

Welcome to the our new fresh and great event that aims to mix real world interaction, the Fundition Platform and the Steem Blockchain.

So, are you a person that takes part in different charities by helping different organisations or cases? If you are one of them, then this is a call to action for your next project, if not, give it a try for your first time! Basically, this event will be a different experience for you, compared to anything we’ve had so far! The concept is quite simple. We’re asking you to donate to a charity of your choosing in our name, and in return we will give you an upvote as compensation for your charitable work.

We are also asking you, this time, to make your donation in the name of Fundition. We’re trying to take the concept of charitable donations and give it a hint of gamification. You may ask why and how?

We want to spread to the world what Fundition is, what we are capable of and what we have done so far, all together for a better world. With your kindness and courage, this time we are focusing on charity organisations, and we want them to know about Fundition and Steem as we are powered by the Steem Blockchain. We think that this will be a good experience for you for a few reasons. Firstly you are doing a great deed by helping a charity. And at the same time you will be spreading the word about Fundition, which means popularizing the 180+ projects on the platform, which aim to make a better world. Not only that, but you will get back, in the form of an upvote, the money you’ve given to charity.

How is the event Going to Work?

Usually, in life, when you do good things you shouldn’t not expect something in return, but here at Fundition we want to reward the good deeds, that’s why we will give your donation back through an upvote to your entry post.

Because we can’t offer as much as we would like to you, to the people who will participate in this event, we have to keep the donation limit amount to 10$ for each donation, to be able to upvote the all the donors.In exchange, we will give you a 15$ upvote on Steemit.

Everything has to be filmed, from the beginning to the end. To ensure that every donation was made and for transparency. This is to make sure that people don’t abuse this event to gain money without actually helping charities. (See the “Video Requirements” for More)

Post Requirements:

  • Use the these two tags “fundition” and “fundition-charity” for your entry post.
  • The entire journey of your donation process has to be filmed and the video will have to be included in your entry post for the event. (See the “Video Requirements” for More)
  • In your post you must also include the link of this announcement post.
  • Make a summary in your post about the journey you had while you were donating in the name of Fundition.

Video Requirements:

  • In the video we want to see the Charity you’re going to donate to and some extra information about it.
  • Record the entire process from donating the money until you get the bill, invoice or a document to attest the donation and show it to the camera.
  • The Donation as the title says it has to be made in the name of Fundition, that means when you go to make the donation you have to specify the Fundition name as well as try to explain to the Charity what Fundition is about and how it works. To help you with that, we’ve prepared a Note for you that you can use alongside your donation. It’s at the end of this post.

Bonus Requirements:

  • Follow Fundition on our Social Media, come to our Discord and be part of our Community
  • Share your video on your Social Media and do not forget to attach that link to your post on Steemit

Once you made the donation and after you published the post with all the requirements respected we will take a look at your post and we will upvote it.

The event will last one month between 20 August and 21 September. The video can be uploaded on Youtube, DLive or DTube which will have to include the “Post Requirements”.

Note: Fundition is the first decentralized platform for Crowdfunding whereby you can help any Founder by collaborating with them, making content for them or simply an update for them. Or you can work together with friends and manage the same project together. Moreover, if you and and someone else, even from the other side of the world, share the same idea, Fundition will give you the chance to collaborate on making it a reality! So go and explore the projects on our platform. You can always find a helping hand at Fundution by joining our Discord Server.

With Love,
Fundition Team ❤.

Join a community with heart based giving at its core


This is a really nice initiative.
Let's start donating.....

Yeah it's amazing how the market is down but Steem's ecosystem is going up.

Dear @fundition I appreciate your generosity and making the world a better place for everyone and your idea of giving back us really very interesting and will accelerate everyone to do some charity in the name of humanity and in the name of @fundition
God bless you.

Who actually brought this idea is a Genius. I believe more people can participate in this event. Expect my link soon

Very interesting idea, I am in ❤️🇹🇭😸

I want to clearly understand. Must the donation be in cash. Because the one i did was on welfare materials. Like i and my crew we donated welfare materials like clothes, shoes, and humanitarian services. So i need a clarity on this. Thanks to fundition.

I think this is really a good idea of the @fundition teams and our community must be informed to participate in this charity. Thanks.

Muy buena idea, me faltan los dolares.

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This is a great project..if i have a donation, how can i help in a small way! In my entire life..i love charities! Hope you can answer my question. Thank you.😊God bless us all!

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