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RE: Fundition is burning Steem

in #fundition2 years ago

If I can suggest anything - please burn SBDs instead of STEEM :) New STEEM tokens are comming every day so burning them doesn't change anything, while we no longer print SBD but we have too many of them (which may bring STEEM price down).

You can use @tipU swap function to quickly exchange any amount of STEEM to SBD (and the other way around), 0 fees.


I second this, please swap to SBD first before burning them so the debt ratio decrease and SBD will be pegged to 1 USD again.

Little correction though, the chain is still printing SBD via the DAO but not nearly as much compared to when the debt ratio is below 10%.


Exactly :) do you know why the devs choose to print SBD for dao instead of just normal STEEM?

Also is there a way to check total SBD supply? I'm using coinmarketcap but don't know how reliable it is.

SBD was chosen for DAO because its value is stable (at least supposedly).

You can use to see the current SBD supply. It's on the right side under "current supply".


Thank you! !tip 1 ;)

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