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not the end but planning for the end game rather than just the start because as soon as we start the features, requests and admin that will go into micro managing something like this we will be swamped.

I truly believe that we are onto something huge so I’m really aware of the mental capacity needed to get something like this off the ground.

after so many false starts over the decades at trying to do something similar with live streaming video I’m currently grounded by the reality of what is already offered on the market and how to stay sustainable once it’s running.

setting up decentralised company.

So the first thing I did today was take 33 steem from our funds from fundition/fundraising and convert to ether (ethereum) for account creation over on (setting up an account is 0.1 eth) which is about ten pounds (£10) sterling, I wanted to get the team up and running first in there before I start bringing them into other areas of the business.

i did the following steps.

  • converted steem to eth with block trades
  • sent it straight to my meta mask wallet (chrome)
  • paid with meta mask on

0.1 eth was 34.797 and you can see the transaction here for auditing purposes of use of the funds (I want to keep on top of this as I go!)

yes, I know it feels like ‘using the enemy’ when using another blockchain (at least it does to me) but the ethereum transfer worked great, meta mask works great and I’m now able to create a company as it checked my wallet.

I was offered to start the project with ‘token project with democracy’ or ‘token project with multisig’ — knowing all the issues I’ve seen with so called ‘democracy’ recently across chains I decided on multisig because I don’t want to own the idea and would rather have a few trusted people part of the ownership of the project if I decide to later on step aside for any reason.

It should be noted that this is not as simple as just an ethereum address for a wallet like exodus but rather a meta mask wallet because we are going to be signing ‘transactions’ happening on in the browser view or desktop app, exodus is really more for a storage of funds as such.

As you can see here I put in two people but only one needs to sign, either of the people can sign, eventually as we expand the team I’ll have other people in to be able to sign transactions as well and build in some team longevity, for instance maybe as we scale it will need a percentage of the team to sign to delegate more ‘earnings’ to team members for instance.

after a slightly nervous few minutes in browser waiting for the token to create (CAST) and to do the two signing transactions we were up and running and off to the races! :) how exciting! :)

So right now we have two tokens as such, the community focused Steem-engine coin called VLOG to incentivise the @vlogging makers to contribute content to steemcasting and the CAST token side which the team running the steemcasting project — those that are on the team will get roles and CAST tokens for their involvement in the project/product.

What’s exciting about Aragon is their desktop browser program, planning suite (bounties), payroll, espresso for data vault storage with encryption and something called liquid democracy to delegate voting power to others in the team, lots of things to learn but I feel this is gonna be the modern way to run a business in the cloud globally. for more information about building unstoppable organisations on Ethereum. Allowing the creation of value without borders or intermediaries. Join the discussion at

So yep, that’s where I’m at on the decentralised company in the cloud part, i want to run this project/business properly and I wanted to do this cutting edge from the cloud, I’m setting this project up for long term success using these new crypto tools to make a borderless business with a team, blockchain funds, delegation, voting and the ability to build an auto(mouse) team in the cloud with actually more transparency and tracking from the start.

if you are interested in learning more about decentralized companies in the cloud, check this playlist out on youtube --

what’s the point in setting up a company in the uk if I don’t plan to always live here, what’s the point in getting caught up in red tape over the speed of business development and running based on the uk system if my team is potentially global and we have a suite of tools today to run a business using smart contracts across the world?

I’d love to see the steem blockchain do this too, that would be a killer app for the massive communities we have on steem.

ps. -- this is why i got excited for using aragon, the have a fully desktop ready application that has IPFS nodes and is cross platform with (think meta mask) support baked in for signing, should make running the 'company' a breeze as we scale up the team across the planet -- -- take a look if interested, cost £10 to setup your own company in the cloud, decentralized and global!


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This is really cool stuff man. I like the interoperability aspect using the two chains. Looking forward to seeing this organization grow.

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thanks my brother. i feel that it's smart to get this shit done at the start as a reflection of what we want to achieve by creating a decentralized automous global company/team of people paid with tokenisation of time/token so that everyone is on page about their role and that each member feels respected and mathmatically is presented.

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