(UPDATE)Brave Shawn - A fundraising campaign for Baby Shawn's shunt operation- $330 in total donations alone.

Fundition: A Fundraising Campaign that aims to support baby Shawn's Shunt Surgery


Brave Shawn

Baby Shawn and his family are so grateful to those people who funded his campaign and especially to the steemit community which unitedly gave a tremendous support. That's baby Shawn, that's his current situation now. Day by day, as time goes by, his head is getting bigger. I did converse with his mother lately and gave each other an update. She told me that they managed to convince the hospital to consider the operation without the full payment on ready instead, they have to acquire first the shunt tool for the head which has a cost of 25k PHP or $500 at most. When it will be ready, they'll be setting the schedule for the operation immediately. While on my side was, I gave some updates about the big support which unexpected for me, to be honest. I gave her an initial deposit to her bank account coming from donations that were directly sent on my steemit account.

Given the amount I sent(which will be discussed below) as an initial deposit, help from friends and families of the patient and if they've already collected the money for the tool, they'll be pushing the operation within this week.

Latest Update

First Update(June 30, 2018)

And as what I've promised to the community, I am giving you now the latest update after the huge amount of support I gathered from the previous crowdfunded post. Written this 2nd day of July 2018, PST.

  • The Crowdfunded Post has generated an estimated payout value of $190 $231 and still counting, provided that it will attract more support from other steemit users. Depending on the steem market's situation, the payout value may increase or decrease.

  • I, as the accountable user for this project, has already received valuable donations directly from other users:

@blockchainyouth - 0.418 SBD
@itstime - 1 SBD
@reewritesthings - 5 SBD
@hanshotfirst - 50 SBD
@carlgnash - 6.616 SBD
@dandays - 1.3 SBD
@wholeself-in - 2 SBD
@bobiecayao - 2 SBD
@laviq - 4 STEEM
@tkappa - 5 STEEM

@acesontop - 1.043 STEEM
@dimitrisp - 15.000 STEEM
@artlover - 2.575 SBD
@markkujantunen - 2.471 SBD
@borepstein - 0.250 STEEM
@donkeypong - 45.779 STEEM

  • Received 68.334 73.38 and 9 62.072 as a total amount of SBD and STEEM respectively.

  • Withdrawn 68.334 SBD and 95.874 STEEM in total using blocktrades. Converted it into another cryptocurrency (BCH) with fewer transaction fees.

  • Converted into Philippine money(PHP) using local exchanger, Total Amount: 12,011.1 PHP

  • Transferal of money - Status

  • Outside Steemit Donations - Total Amount: 5,000 PHP

  • All rewards that will be generated by the first crowdfunded post, the Fundition Project post(1st Update) and this 2nd Update will be donated to the beneficiary, including SP of the first post that is convertible to STEEM tokens, will be powered down.


@fundition founders
@sndbox founders

to the donors &


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We are all still pulling for baby Shawn! It is awesome that you are using steem to try and help. Thank you!


Thank you for your compelling support @hanshotfirst! I'm so hopeful for this good cause.

Absolutely beautiful news I only just got paid (normal job) and just bought some more sbd will send some more to you it’s amazing when the community comes together!!


Wow, that's so kind of you. Wish you all the blessings in life for your kindness. :) Thanks for the support!

Glad this is happening man!

Hi! @themanualbot, thanks for being transparent with your campaign. We'd like to help you reach more people by adding your post to Fundition PH so that you can complete your goal concerning baby Shawn's condition. Thank you for your initiative.

Sharing ♥ through Fundition...


Hi @lovebooster! Thank you so much for your help. It means a lot and will reach more Filipinos outside steemit.


Hey, @themanualbot, you're the man!

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