3 predominant reasons as to why contributing to fundition.io is really attractive!!.

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In my previous blog, I explained Fundition.io a decentralized modern crowdfunding platform that is built on the steem blockchain. Fundition.io paves the way for entrepreneurs, ambitious people, Innovators and philanthropists to raise funds for their projects easily without middlemen. In this blog am going to explain why contributing to the fundition.io is really attractive,In essence contributions on this platform can be done in two ways, for example, you can choose to be a collaborator where you support the project without directly injecting in funds but doing more in giving ideas as well as suggestions to the founder and campaigning for the project on social networks, the other way you can be a backer where you can support the project financially.


How are contributions done?

These contributions are done in two different ways that Include;
1. upvotes and restreems.
For you to upvote a fundition.io project you must have a steem account, your upvote depends on the amount of steem power in your wallet. The more steem power you hold, the higher you contribute to the payout, restreems are done to expose the project to an array of steemians. Nonetheless, you are displayed as a supporter, not a backer.

2. Direct Donations.
These are done directly to the project, you can choose to donate steem tokens to the founder's steemit account or major cryptocurrencies that are converted to steem tokens before being sent to the founder. Presently, you can not use a credit card but the option will be available in the near future. Antithetical to upvotes, with direct donations you are displayed as a backer.

What is extra special about contributing to the fundition.io projects?

  • The contributor is rewarded in a very unique way.
    Most projects on other crowdfunding platform promise tickets to a movie show, cupcakes and many more, some of the founders go ahead and make empty promises but with fundition, it is really different. Let's take a case study of the oracle-d fundition campaign, If you choose to upvote the main blog, there is heart power for you which is guaranteed. Interestingly, with this project, there are different tiers once you choose a $1000 tier you are rewarded with a live looped song about you performed and created by a top musician. Literally, It is a beautiful thing with an awesome feeling and In a class by it'self.

  • No crowdfunding fraud
    A huge number of backers have been outright frauded on centralized crowdfunding platforms and one of the most outstanding fraud in history is the one that happened in 2012, where a young man started a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter.com for a monopoly-inspired game "The Doom that came to the Atlantic City". He had a fundraising goal of $35,000 and succeeded in raising almost $122,874 from more than 1,200 individual backers. The money was later used to pay for his rent and travel expenses other than the organic purpose surprisingly, the backers did not get any refunds. Fundition.io is eliminating all these risks by doing several verifications that also include social media.

  • Payments are very safe.
    Fundition.io is built on the steem blockchain and so with the blockchain technology every transaction that is done is transparent, and the speed is a bullet train.


With the blockchain technology, crowdfunding has got really easy thereupon so many dreams will be fulfilled especially here in Africa ...

To know more about fundition you can follow the below links

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