Recently we have had a short break in the progress of the MySteem Project, which aims to promote Steem in the mainstream and educate new members of our community.

That is why today we have prepared a summary of recent activities and information about the changes that we need to make to keep the project growing.

As some of you may know, I'm still on a journey through Malaysia and Thailand when I'm carrying out MySteem Project. Unfortunately, during one of the relocations our equipment was damaged (one computer and one camera), so we were unable to record and publish educational tutorials on a regular schedule. This situation cost me a lot of stress and of course money.
At first, we thought that we would be able to repair the equipment at low Asian prices. Unfortunately, it turned out that it would be more profitable to buy new equipment. Of course, we are planning to do this, but it may take some more time.


However, there is a solution to every problem! 😉
First of all, I did power down on my profile to be able to shorten the time it takes to buy a camera.
Secondly, until that time, we decided to publish educational tutorials in the form of articles. Thanks to this, we will be able to fill the project's website with content.
The articles will be created in such a way that they will index well in Google browser, and thus we will take care of progressive positioning of the page. Thanks to our knowledge we are able to prepare materials that will "work" for the project for a very long time. It will certainly affect the number of views of the MySteem.pl website, and the number of new users of our platform.


So let's summarize at what stage MySteem Project is now.
So far we have recorded 8 video lessons, which we published on the project website.
You can also watch the lessons on Dtube, on the @mysteempl profile under this link:

These materials are part of two courses aimed at educating about the Steem ecosystem. Below you will find more information.

#1 Course “Understand the basics of Steem” has already been recorded and is available on the website. It contains 4 video lessons:

(1.1) Understand the basics of Steem in just 2 minutes!
(1.2) 5 Steem Blockchain features you should know!
(1.3) How to check how much money you earned from your post?
(1.4) 3 factors which determine the amount of your payout!

#2 Course "How Steem Wallet works" is in progress. We have recorded 4 video lessons and posted them on the website:

(1.1) Steem Wallet basics you should know
(1.2) How you can transfer STEEM to a wallet of another user
(1.3) How can you transfer STEEM to your savings account?
(1.4) How can you do Power Up and why it is worth to do this?

We need to prepare 2 more lessons for this course:
(1.5) How to exchange STEEM for SBD and SBD for STEEM and when to do it?
(1.6) Where you can find your transaction history and how to check it?

These lessons will soon be published on the website and a @mysteemplate profile in text form.


The educational content prepared by us and the high-quality content of our Angels will also be promoted in social media.
Unfortunately, recently it turned out that Facebook has hidden the MySteem fanpage.

The content promoting the social media platforms, such as steemit.com, based on STEEM cryptocurrency is, according to Facebook, prohibited content.
At the moment, unfortunately, the matter has not been solved and it seems that Facebook is not open to ideas and solutions of the future.
Well, frankly speaking, the changes Facebook is implementing, in my opinion, lead to his death. That's why in the nearest future I'm going to find another platform on which we can educate people about Steem.


Now we are focused on completing the website with educational tutorials in the text version. Before we publish the website, the content will also be posted on a @mysteempl profile on a regular schedule.

Soon we will publish a lesson: "How to exchange STEEM for SBD and SBD for STEEM and when is worth to do it?". If you want to expand your knowledge about Steem, be sure to follow the @mystesteempl profile!

The goal of the MySteem Project is promoting Steem in mainstream and gaining new users of our platform.

You can find all the details about the project by clicking HERE

If you want to help us develop the project, you can show your support directly through SteemConnnect below:

💙 Click and send 1 SBD donation for the MySteem Project

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💙 Click and send 10 SBD donation for the MySteem Project

💙 You can also click HERE to send a donation via Fundition.io.

All collected funds will be transferred for this project via Fundition.io.

All your donations will be used for:

✔ Active promotion of Steem in the Internet.
✔ Preparing educational materials for new members.
✔ Development of the website www.mysteem.pl.


Sorry to hear about your damaged equipment! Hope you’re well :-) don’t be a stranger

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Thanks @chekohler :) I think there is a solution to every problem and such situations are nothing else but lessons. When I get back access to the discord I won't be a stranger. Hope you are well ;)

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