Steemit helping hands 3 days vocational training modified and extended to 7 days

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Few weeks ago Steemit helping hands proposed an Empowerment program to Steemit community, this program was proposed to empower teenagers at an orphanage, to teach them the basic rules of entrepreneurship, self empowerment, crafts and skills, to enable them, live a self sufficient life and as well offer them a career path in future, in and out of the orphanage.


These plans where jeopardized as the orphanage welcomed us on the day for the event with change of time, duration and new policies.

The orphanage management said we had just 4hours to complete a project that was meant to last for 3 days and also we had new rules not to take pictures or videos.

Due to the new rules which was against the mode of operation of Steemit helping hands, and also, 4 hours which was impossible for us to achieve our goals, we had to cancel the initial plans, to make new ones.

Why did it take us so long?

On our agenda the next project after the orphanage program was our partnership with @steemcamp to complete some pet projects that took place during the 7 days camping, which was a success.

Steemit helping hands was in warri delta state for 8 days, further planning for the empowerment program began after our arrival to Lagos.

Secondly steemhelpinghands had to wait till the end of schools term to gain full attention of the teenagers in order not to clash with school activities or jeopardize their concentration

What's New??

Steemit helping hands strikes a partnership deal with OMOGE INITIATIVE a girls foundation that empowers teenage girls on the streets and create a career path for them.

There is an evolution

Yes!!! The 3 days planned project is now modified and extended to 7 days vocational training which will be taken to the streets, impacting and giving teenagers/youths the opportunity to get involved in skill acquisitions, consisting of the following trainings:

  • catering
  • shoe making
  • bagmaking
  • graphic designing
  • photography
  • toilet wash making
  • bleach making
  • soap making

The acquisition program is scheduled to begin on 6th of august 2018 and end on 11th of august 2018.

Meet our facilitators

Anuoluwapo Olaitan is a young entrepreneur with a passion for bags and shoe. She is a lady with a heart of Gold. She was a student in bagmaking classes at Omoge's skill acquisition program in 2017, she pursued her passion and went for a longer course in bag and shoe making. Anu has turned her passion to money. She has trained several girls in the skills. Anu is the Ceo toriah kreation, she was a facilitator @ the Homemakers skill acquisition program in April & also won the award of most outstanding Omoge in 2017. Anu is currently our instructor in Bag and Shoe making @ the summer skill acquisition.

Ifeoluwa Babatope is known for her hearty laughter, She is an astute Lawyer and baker. She is a graduate of Lagos State University. Her passion for growth and baking is second to none.
She is the master mind and baker @ Rachael's cakes and confections.
She loves teaching and impacting lives.
Ife has been in the "baking industry" for about 5 years now and believes there's always room for more growth.

Kofoworola Showunmi is an accountant by profession, a graduate of the formidable Lagos State University.
Ms Kofo is a spirited singer and dancer. Her love for dancing has culminated into being a ballet dance instructor.
Kofo has several schools where she trains children her Ballet dance. She loves meeting and encouraging people especially Children. She will be at Omoge's Free Skill Acquisition program and will training the girls in dance💃🏼

ADEBAYO TOSIN Aka Cr8tivhint, is the guy behind our designs.... He is a professional graphic designer, founder of cr8tivhint (A standard Graphic and printing platform that helps both small & large scale businesses attract their target audience with the use of phenomenal graphic content, brand identity and exceptional outdoor elements). He currently works as a freelancer for companies (i-Life, SpringSoca Academy, InstaPrint, Tera Nova and QR Creatives respectively). He is a certified Graphic Designer with the honour of a certificate from Graphics2Epress. "
He will be training the girls in Graphics design at the program
@stevendion, is a self employed Blogger, teacher and Blockchain/ cryptocurrency entrepreneur.. He derives passion in humanitarian and voluntary services to the community..he is a member of @steemhelpinghands an online and offline blockchain charity organization that reaches out to the slum, orphans and less privileged, curbing poverty to the bearest minimum, developing the standard of living of the illiterate and unemployed and giving opportunities to both the literate and illiterate to benefit from blockchain platforms.. Stephen is one of the facilitators and will be training the girls on soap making and toilet wash.

Meet our speakers

Kelani Omolara, is a wife and mumpreneur. A gradute of Agricultural Economics from Obafemi Awolowo University.She is the CEO Kelz Enterprise they deal in anything legit. She will be speaking on Godfidence "I am what I am only by the grace of God#

Mr. Madu Egwumba is an estate surveyor by training. CEO of Cplus RANGE LTD. A real estate company, tailored to satisfy the need clients expectation.
Madu is an entrepreneur who have success story in the area of printing, farming, event management... to mention a few.
He is a partner of LOGIN Foundation (Love Of God In All Nation) a none profit organization.
He is a life coach and trainer too.
A Christian and Happily Married to Titilayo. Mr. Madu will be at the program, He will be speaking on The truth about boys and Sex, setting your priorities right

Mrs. Abimbola Soluade will be speaking on you and your body🙋‍♀

@stevenmoseos a photographer,media personnel, a pastor, a blockchain enthusiast and a member of Steemit helping hands, he will be educating them about blockchain and the opportunities it bring.

Special thanks to everyone who has supported, steemithelpinghands via upvotes and donations on our mission, to enhance to to make the world around us a better place through the blockchain.



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