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The third day of our free vocational week is here, it has been going smoothly all the way. There has been tremendous progress among the teenagers especially the bag making class..

Today's activities taken by the facilitators are:

  • Ballet dance
  • Speech : you and your body by mrs abimbola sholuade
  • culinary class : fondant icing
  • bags & shoe making class : sandals
  • photography class : posting and photography flash practicals.
  • Graphic designing class : logo mouse and its importance.

BALLET DANCE : Side attraction

Before taking the students through the stress of the day's activities, we provided them a means of exercise and a chance of tapping into the world of dance, using it as a means of income creation.
Mrs kofowola took the students on ballet dance, she is an expert in that field and has been dancing since she was 18, she taught them that no knowledge is wasted and every talent can be used as a step stone to greatness.
The students couldn't hide their excitement because most of them have never seen a or experienced a ballet dance.
She also gave steps and positions that should be taken to have good moves when dancing.
Most girls showed their zeal by dressing up from their homes as ballet dancers and this earned them gifts from steemhelpinghands.
After the dancing exercises, the teenagers dispersed to their various classes.

SPEECH : you and your body

Our dear mrs abimbola sholuade spoke on you and your body, it was a personal heart to heart talk with only the girls, the males were excused so the females could have the liberty of answering any questions or asking questions about their bodies..
Many of the girls were shy at first but with so much interactions during the period they could express themselves freely without holding back. Mrs abimbola specifically advised about their body and also taugh them on menstrual hygiene.

CULINARY CLASS: fondant icing

Today The culinary class worked on fondant icing on the cakes, its a method of making decorations and writings on a cake using different colors and flavors.
The facilitator took the students on a short test to know how many how they have improved, the winners were given slices of cakes as rewards for their improvements.
The cake decorations was made in appreciation of Omoge initiative for their support to the project.


The bags and shoes making class is also the class with awesome students and massive improvements, last time they worked on clutch purse which was fantastic, many of the students impressed us with their purses made from home.
Today's activity was the sandal making , the facilitator gave them methods of making a good attractive sandals, she also showed up the materials and steps needed.
At the end of teaching a beautiful sandals was made, many of the students were amazed because it was their first time seeing a handmade sandals looking classy.

PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS: posting and photography flash practicals

The second day of the photography class was all about teaching the students on posting and flashlights..
Today was given freely to the students to practice what they were taught on the second day, the surroundings and activities were used as posting and photography practices.

GRAPHIC DESIGN CLASS: logo, mouse and its importance

The graphics class have been the few in participants but they perform magic,Creating and designing a logo is not one easy task.
The facilitator taught them on the importance of the mouse in designing, the mouse is the most important component of a system when creating graphic designs and logo making..
The students were given opportunity to make practicals with certain logos and designs, majority of them were eager to do some homework after the class.


stay tuned updates for day 4 coming up next.

Massive appreciation to:

and everyone who donated, upvoted and resteemed.
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