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steemhelpinghands in partnership with omoge initiative kicked off its one week
vocational training ,definitely it hasn't been easy but with good supports from the community we can proudly impact and instill greatness in the boy and girl child of this generation.

The first day of the event surprisingly had a massive attendance of 100 teenagers/children from the streets and all corners of the neighborhood, we had few boys among them, many of which were girls with goals of becoming relevant in the society through skills acquisition.
The teenagers were grouped in their choiced departments while the soapmaking, dancing class and seminars was made generally for everyone. The activities taken today by the facilitators are :

  • Toilet wash making
  • baking and cupcake making in culinary skills
  • clutch purse in Bag making
  • Introduction to photography
  • Introduction to graphic designing

SPEECH: bringing your dreams to reality

The beginning of the program started with a speech to encourage and enlighten the teenagers on why they were at the occasion.
The speech was given by the first invited facilitator mrs kofoworola showunmi .... A ballet dance instructor, she has taught so many schools on dance lessons, making a living out of dancing even when she is a degree holder in Accounting..
Mrs kofoworola ... gave a speech on how the teenagers can bring their dreams to reality making an example of herself, she started dancing at the age of 18 and took it as an activity during her spare time, due to the pressures and parental control from her family she had to study accounting in high institution against her will instead of theater and arts. After graduating she never gave up but followed her dreams by dropping her accounting degrees for dancing.. Now she teaches in virtually 20 schools across Lagos. She was invited to show proof that there are other sources of income apart from struggling to study for professional jobs and she serves as an encouragement to those who wants to pursue their dreams.


The lectures on toilet wash made general for all candidates and was taken by @stevendion , a member of steemhelpinghands.
He listed the precautions, safety rules and measurements needed to make a good toilet wash. He was assisted by @charlesrecycler a new member of steemhelpinghands who lectured the teenagers on the methods of starting up toilet wash business to fund themselves in school and at home to assist their parents, he also lectured them on product packaging & presentation and the ways of profit and loss to enable them benefit from the art of business. The teenagers asked questions on areas they least understood

CULINARY SKILLS : baking and making of cupcakes

We had so many teenage girls who wanted to gain knowledge on culinary skills, the training for culinary skills was cupcakes making taken by miss ifeoluwa babatope .. An experience baker and a law degree holder who left law for her passion of baking, she has been baking for 8years. She gave details on cake making and creativity, how the teenagers can start up their baking business and ways of making profits after gaining much knowledge, she was assisted by @thomasgift a member of steemhelpinghands who has acquired knowledge in culinary skills.
@thomasgift gave details on the precautions,safety rules,names and measurements of the ingredients and uses of the equipments which was pen down by the students. Every steps of baking was taken carefully by the students in their notes and each was given opportunity to perform certain tasks.
The teenagers asked questions on the areas they least understood and wrote down the answers to every questions they asked. The lectures lasted for 2hrs after which a perfect result of cupcakes was made

BAG MAKING :Clutch purse

The bag making training was the second occupied department which was taking by the facilitator miss anuoluwapo olaitan..
She was a member of omoge initiative who emerged as the best student and now is the CEO of toriah kreation.. she explained the precautions of clutch purse making and gave a list of the materials need in their right measurements, quality and the teenagers more lectures on how the increase in price of materials can affect the increase in sales of their products and how to calculate their profits.
She also stated that the quality of a good clutch purse are the

  • materials
  • craft
  • creativity
  • and presentation.

simple beautiful, well made clutch purses were produced with good help from the teenagers who couldn't hide their excitement during the lectures.

PHOTOGRAPHY : The Basics of photography

The basics of photography was the first lectures taken by mr kelz... A renowned photographer who has been in the field for 6 years, he came with a digital camera to show the teenagers the parts and operations of a camera..
He lectured the teenagers about following their passion without deviation, making them understand that they shouldn't invest their time on something because it looks interesting but because they have the passion for it.
He further explained the difference between digital and Analoge camera with examples, listed steps, reduments and precautions necessary to take a good photograph..
Each student was given opportunity to take pictures and ask specific questions on photography..

GRAPHIC DESIGNING : The Introduction to graphic designing

Our designer mr adebayo tosin Aka cri8tivehint was the facilitator in charge of graphic designing, we had few teenagers interested in graphic designing. They were asked why they have interest in graphic design and each gave excellent and encouraging answers..
The facilitator gave first introduction on the parts of a laptop and their uses,
graphic designing and their types and softwares needed. He gave each student opportunities to operate the system and ask questions on areas they least understood.


Her name is Adaku alan, a charismatic, God fearing and principled woman, she is a lawyer by profession but derive passion in humanitarian services, she founded Omoge initiative in the year 2016, an initiative for girls that instills greatness in them preparing them for the journey of the future..
She wants girls all over the world to know they can stand out and also become a relavant entity in the society because what a man can do, a woman can sure do as well.

All edible products gotten from the vocational training will be distributed among the students at the end of the training while the other non-edibles will be sold to raise funds to empower the best student in his/her specific department.

Steemhelpinghands will continue to give updates on the remaining days of the vocational trainings which will end on Saturday 11th of August 2018.

Massive appreciation to:

and everyone who donated, upvoted and resteemed.


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One those days we are very worked out and enjoying every bit of it because we are changing life's for better. God bless you Nigeria, God bless you Steemit and God bless you.


That's awesome. I'm always inspired when steemians get together. Love the fact that your helping others. Nice work. :)

Thank you so much @dreamingirwin we appreciate your support

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