Introducing members of the SteemSTEM / Meetup - part 2

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There's less than a month left before the SteemSTEM and meetup in Italy! Are you excited? We sure are! With so many awesome and interesting people attending, we decided to give you a short introduction to some of the (less shy) attendees of the mini-hackathon.

Remember, you don’t have to attend physically to join the hackathon! Read more about it here. CEO - @elear

It would be odd to start this list with anyone other than our fearless leader and visionary - Diego Pucci, known as @elear on Steem. A young Italian actor turned entrepreneur gathers a team of like-minded open source contributors to revolutionize the open source economy. It almost sounds like the script of a Hollywood film, but that’s the dramatized version of the story. In reality, @elear has come a long way from the world of performing arts to reinventing the economic model that drives open source innovation. Holding various positions from IT Manager to developer in various startups and global enterprises, Diego has built a strong career with 11 years of experience in managing innovative web-based projects.

I don’t consider myself a social person, so when I spend time with people, I choose those I can learn from and those with whom I share or challenge a vision. To me, that is what this meetup is about, sharing, learning, building together. Drinks are also appreciated.

As the CEO, Diego is involved in everything and anything happening in From speaking to contributors on Discord to meeting with potential investors and collaborating with open source ventures and projects - @elear has been living and breathing for over nine months now, and aims to continue to do so. COO - @espoem

The Chief Operations Officer on is the one and only @espoem - Martin. Loved by everyone on the team, the shy 24-year-old Czech is the one who makes sure things get done in all the departments and on all the teams. His passion for learning and improving, along with his professionalism, make him the perfect man for his job.

I believed for a long time that I could keep a space between myself and anyone else. Fortunately, being with amazing people showed me that it would only hold me back if I tried to avoid them. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person, without the need to make long distance calls. You may find me in a corner, fading out. But I'll be there, excited to be with you.

Unfortunately, his dedication to his work means we don’t know him quite as well as we’d like. This meetup is surely an opportunity to finally learn more about the man (and the legend). In the meantime, you can read the interview with @espoem on People of Utopian. CMO - @techslut

She fears numbers, loves to write and be silly, and seems to be everywhere all the time (with a cup of coffee in hand). Our Chief Marketing Officer, Ilana Brudo, is known as @techslut on Steem and brings to over a decade of experience in technology journalism, marketing, blogging and advertising. Behind the giggly pink facade is a serious and ambitious businesswoman, dreaming of seeing herself beside @elear and @espoem on the cover of Forbes Magazine.

I’ve missed Italy ever since I first visited it when I was only 18. A chance to visit this amazing country again and meet some of the brightest minds and most inspiring people on the Steem blockchain is nothing short of a life-changing opportunity. If I were any more excited, I would be bouncing off the walls.

In addition to her role as CMO and co-host of the Open Source Radio Show on MSP-Waves, Ilana is also the Community Manager for the Visibility category, helping project owners promote their projects with the help of a community of contributors with experience with advertising and promotion. A woman of words, she is an invaluable part of the puzzle, helping us reach more people and clearly communicate our vision and goals. You can read more about Ilana in her interview on People of Utopian.

Stay Tuned!

In the following updates, we’ll introduce more attendees, give you more sneak-peaks of the planned hackathon on September 20th, and share some surprises.

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That pic reminds me of when I was young and slimmer :(

Great update btw!

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Great work this meetup is good for the promotion of the community God bless all the crew that organize it

Never knew @elear is Diego Pucci. I believe it's the same one that acted the popular Cesaroni.
It's cool seeing info about the Utopian boss himself.
Also greetings to @techslut and @espoem

Utopian has great guys indeed. The steemSTEM/Utopian meetup would be a hit.


is true..

good work we can pray and support ...

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Congrats! This post is featured on my news show (in Chinese :D) for today!

Certainly amazing individuals with great professional background. I hope to meet them one day, God's willing 'cause I have got a lot of questions to ask each and every one of them; offline and face to face.

Great effort I must say teams @steemstem and @utopian-io ✌️


@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities


Love this! Very inspired!

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Congratulations @steemstem!
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Wow! This is one meet-up I wouldn't want to miss. Updates to the project on states that livestreams will be made. We're counting on that.