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One of the most prominent Utopians, recently promoted to an executive position in the company, @espoem is a serious, determined and organized 24-year-old in the Czech Republic. Though he dubs himself “unlikable”, those who work with him know him as helpful, professional and (almost secretly) fun.

On Github:

Who are you, @espoem?

I am a 24-year-old man who has been studying in Computer Science field. You may ask "Why he has only so little knowledge about open source?" or "Why is he not engaging in the development process?". The truth is that even though I have knowledge needed in the field, I was not yet able to fully utilize it. I could say that I did not want to slow the development down as it required immediate actions to unexpected events. Still, new technologies and writing code are of my hobbies and interests. Utopian is perfect place to discover so many new projects built with large variety of tools and languages. One does not need to wander around to find something new and interesting as it comes to us in Utopian.

I mentioned it before, I would say that I am more of the observing type that is better to have access to as many information sources as possible. Sometimes, I feel like there's too much to it but at the same time, leaving anything out of the view would make me feel that I deliberately ignored it. Knowing about the daily routines and what people talk about is part of our work in Utopian.

I am hard to share anything from my “real life”. Although we are not able to avoid not to share personal information in today's world, I would keep other interesting aspects and periods of the life to myself. It is not that it could not be shared but I would say that it is one of my bad characteristics. It may not look like it but it is difficult for me to do anything that I do not see as profitable to me, and I am not talking about money. Sharing more than necessary is therefore not of my interest here.

Believe me or not, I am not really a likeable person and not many people are willing to stick around. But it is also them who slowly change my attitude and perception of the world.

I don't have pets as they would want to run away from me. 😃 Nah, really I am bad at taking care of someone else. I have to take care of friend's plants which for unknown reasons resist to grow. I like music like Damien Rice, Of Monsters and Men, Daughter, and Keaton Henson. I can't name a genre to pick the music I like and I am ignorant enough to actually remember the lyrics but this kind of music is soothing to me. When I need to stop thinking, I play something from these interprets. I think that for many people it could be depressive, perhaps it is, but for me it is calm. There is something special about these. It is hard to grasp it and properly name it but they are unusual artists.

As for the shows, I like anime movies. They look simple yet they are often thousand times better than any western animated movie. If I were to pick some, Howl's Moving Castle or Your Name. (Kimi no na wa.) could be good examples. I don't know why but I admire strong relationships between people and when a person is willing to give up something of theirs for someone else. That's something that I am far from able to do, or at least I feel that way.

What was the path that led you to

You could say that it was a coincidence that led me to the Steem blockchain. It was in August last year, when the Internet was full of YouTube demonetizing video content creators. I came across an interview with @heimindanger talking about DTube, at that time not yet an open source project. Checking the site required an account but unlike on other websites, this one required an account on Steemit. I was really curious what that was about, as they claimed that the authors can earn some money for the content.

Not long after I joined, I was given an opportunity to work for the team. They were working on the private beta. One of @fabien's friends was asking for help with some Czech string translations, and I sent him what I thought was best. My response to this simple request opened the doors for me to and I knew from the beginning that I liked it more than Steemit, even though they had only few features compared to Steemit at the time. Still, it looked better and was more user friendly. That moment could be the second coincidental event that pulled me into the open source world.

The third coincidence, as I see it, was the moment elear literally took the code of unpublished Busy version 2, and made a new project out of it. The early times of Utopian. At first, I thought that it was bad of him, since he published a project that revealed the work done on another project and kept somewhat secret from users. But after I talked to fabien about that, I understood that it was really alright, and it was the principle of open source code that allowed @elear to use the code published to create something new.

What made you want to get involved?

Although I was familiar with some open source tools, I did not really make my own before, nor was I involved in any open source project. I would say that almost all my experience with open source projects come from the Steem ecosystem and projects that are built on top of it. So before Utopian, my involvement in open source was more that of user, and genuine contributor of translations and bug reports for Busy. This pushed me towards Utopian.

You were, up until recently, the CM of the blog category. How did you find yourself in that position?

Since I’ve gotten involved with, I have been assigned different roles within the moderation team, the latest of which was the role of the Community Manager of the Blog Posts category. Long before that I was one of the first moderators to help keep Utopian in shape. It was not an easy task because the ideas and view of Utopian progress were different. To be honest, I had few moments when I considered leaving. One of the reasons was the degree to which the moderator position was time-consuming and I was not able to efficiently manage it.

But you decided to stay, fortunately for us all. What changed your mind?

I would say that my involvement in Utopian was highly affected by our team, the people who I could work with everyday, their engagement and ideas on how to make Utopian better. To me, Utopian is full of inspiring people, and it is them who have impact on me and my day-to-day decisions. We would not be able to get so far without some of them. Moreover, I can't forget elear. He is the man who could convince me to endure the tough times and he is the man who came with the brilliant idea of Utopian. I believe that it has been him and his passion for the project over those months that made me want to be a part of Utopian. I did not see a project like that before and I am happy to help this project move forward. It's become a kind of addiction for me. Still, I am really glad I had not left.

Not only did you stick around, but you continued to climb up the corporate ladder before it was even there. How did that happen?

After working hard as a moderator, I was asked to oversee the team as the first supervisor. Back then, everybody basically worked on all kinds of contributions. The role was very similar to that of a Community Manager, but involved managing a smaller group of people. It was only later, when we needed to recruit more people, that we created "specialized" groups of moderators. A few months later, the role of Community Managers replaced that of Supervisors, as we slowly changed our approaches, and strived to engage the community more throughout the contribution evaluation process.

Since we had so many amazing people in the team who fit their positions, I somehow assumed the blog category would be some kind of leftover. Not in a bad way, of course, but because moderating blog posts does not sound as exciting as working with developers and watching their progress with projects. Luckily for me, I was wrong. I have worked with so many great people, some whom remain in the category moderation team still.

Now you have a new role in the organization. One that was obviously needed. What can you tell us about it?

Utopian has grown into a serious and large project that is backed legally by a registered company. Although everyone in the team has their own role in the whole system, it was not enough. Utopian consists of tens of people who work on different tasks and many of them live far far away and the communication is not always easy. There were so many occasions where a simple task could be left undone simply because the focal point for most activities in the company was only one man - @elear. He was involved in literally everything Utopian, but as we all know, one can't do everything on their own. So to help remedy this situation, I was offered to step down as a Community Manager and to accept a new position: Operational Manager. In short, my job is ensure everyone in team (moderators, CMs, developers) to do their work it a timely and coordinated fashion.

Sadly, we are still behind on the delivery plan. But as I said, it is now my duty to make sure that the tasks are completed and nothing is blocked. The results may not come immediately but I believe that they will be visible soon. I am not a person who can provide years of experience in such a position but I believe that I will be able to do it as best as I can, and that we will get all things organized and done.

How do you see the future of Utopian? What would you want it to be, and where would you like to see yourself in it?

I would like to see Utopian as stable and globally recognized company and initiative, with its aim to support and fund open source projects. While our path to realizing that vision has changed quite significantly in the past half year, the idea remains. Utopian is a place for enthusiasts and professionals working on open source projects, and unlike other platforms, which do have similar roots, Utopian is not focused on developers only, but it is open to many of types of contributions and the list may grow in time.

There are many areas in which Utopian could offer support by utilizing its rewarding system, and there is always room for better definition of the guidelines and processes for reward. Although, further generalization will require more people involved, both in the Utopian team and in the community.

We are in the process of rebuilding the front end, which is an important part of Utopian, and serves to identify and differentiate it from other Steem apps. I believe that when we are able to present it, our users will want to contribute more, as they often told us that they are not satisfied with the current process of contribution submission through alternative blockchain frontends.

From my point of view, I feel I have been more of a supporter and observer who alerted and warned team members if anything went wrong way. With this new position, I suddenly face new responsibilities that will help me decide if I am suitable and capable to lead people efficiently. That position is not that far from leading the organization, right? 😄 Just kidding!

The responsibilities I got are huge, and I am yet to see what the outcome will be. If there is another opportunity to go up, I would take it with gratitude.

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You are superhero of Utopian... I actually knew your ID before @elear. Thank you for accepting me as a moderator in Last December!

Simply by pulling on both ends, espoem can stretch diamonds back into coal.

Espoem muscas non captat (this is Latin, Espoem facts need a touch of Latin)

it's open source, create a pull request. 🤓

I meant "a touch" ;-)

I heard you have great touches.

Bad news travels fast (and far apparently!)

That's what she said.

Oh 😅🙃🌅

I am a 24-year-old man who has been studying Computer Science

So you are saying you are into Czechnology?

I am not really a likeable person

You better Czech yourself into a hospital and get a Praguenosis as that is the craziest thing I've read all day!

I like anime movies

My man!

Just passing.
Your time will surely come :D

This post has answered many I have been wondering, and I am wondering much more now, about my friend and sensei at the same time. You are one of the reasons why I love Utopian this much. I hope we'll work together for many years to come.

Finally! A face behind the icon (now even a Discord avatar by the way!). This was a really good read! Nice to meet you "in person" Martin!

Thank you, @scipio. Perhaps @techslut could make an interview with you too since you are back. I was always wondering who is behind the mask. I wish people were not that mysterious.

“Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof.”

Had to say that. :D

Yes I could. @scipio knows where to find me.

Finally, Espoem's face yet still not smiling haha.
you're unlikable by the person who didn't really know you, that strictness of yours made me quite upset sometimes but making me like you on the same way.

Nicest person i have ever met in steem-it glad to know you better :)

Hi @ulkembetil, how have you been?

Utopian is lucky to have you in their team.

Thank you, @oups. I am really glad that you are on the team too.

Do you have a name? Please don't strike me with your new super powers

Of course, I do have a name. You can see it in my profile and the linked Github account.

Loving the #peopleofutopian series. Keep up the good work espoem.

You should be on one of the issues of People of Utopian too. The man who creates a bot for everything. @techslut should definitely put you on the list.

Mine will be sensational. :P

I like sensational. ;)

Chat me up on Discord, @emrebeyler !

It is said that looking into espoem' eyes will reveal your future. Unfortunately, everybody's future is always the same: death by a roundhouse-kick to the face.


I've met few people like @espoem...face like lion, soft hearted and nice.... He works diligently. one reason that makes me like him more is that he's very can't be completely perfect, sometimes his decision is always harsh just like @elear. I like him for whom he is... It takes a whole lot of patience,dedication ,wisdom and unbiased mind to attain the level he is at utopian..Thumbs up the man with the super power.....i call him The super man

In an act of great philanthropy, espoem made a generous donation to the American Cancer Society. He donated 6,000 dead bodies for scientific research.

Wow, we're the same age @espoem 😂

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Finally i know you espoem:D
You still young! Great work

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It's been so long I waited just to be able to see your real face @espoem, and now I see it.

I thought you were 30 years old, but you were my age. glad to see your real face boss.😅😂

Martin, nice name.

There is no such thing as global warming. espoem was cold, so he turned the sun up.

I'm new ..but you are familiar to me. now I understand the fact behind this. superpowers. :D you are awesome. good luck.

I was curious to know the meaning of espoem? :D

The meaning of the nickname is really simple. I created it from my initials, which are MŠ. However, using any characters outside English alphabet is cumbersome. So I stripped it and only took the simplified letters. It comes from my language "S po M" or in English "S after M". No deep meaning. I wanted a simple nick so I came up with this one.

Great! I had thought related to that too but the first letter confuse me but now I've clearly understand where it came from.

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Unfortunately icndb doesn't have the answer.

Congrats and more strength in your new role @espoem. Best wishes!

espoem's log statements are always at the FATAL level.

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Good to finally see your real face :), espoem is one of the logical/prudent guys here, he is so experienced and professional in all his actions...........Keep on the great work Boss

espoem causes the Windows Blue Screen of Death.

Espoem the Superman 😊

It was nice to know @espoem. I love espoemfacts bot, thanks to @emrebeyler. Good luck at your new position. With the hope that Utopian would further develop.

espoem' hand is the only hand that can beat a Royal Flush.

You were the one introduced me in Utopian. And my First Supervisor in Utopian.

It has been a great journey since then.

Thank you @espoem for all your hard work towards Utopian which gives inspiration to work harder to others like me :P

espoem roundhouse kicks don't really kill people. They wipe out their entire existence from the space-time continuum.

Simply by pulling on both ends, espoem can stretch diamonds back into coal.

The truth will set you free. Unless espoem has you, in which case, forget it buddy!

Thank you for staying Sir and now being the Operational Manager! Congrats and Best Regards! :) more power!

finally got to know your face now :D

hi @espoem finally i know you.
it shocked me, at young age you have extraordinary knowledge.

We live in an expanding universe. All of it is trying to get away from espoem.

There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures espoem has allowed to live.

Author, you are a wonderful writer. I'm also an interesting writer
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It has always been you :)
You are simply superb

Everybody loves Raymond. Except espoem.

An awesome guy! Thanks for your hard work. Steem needs more people like you.