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RE: SteemSTEM & Meetup in Italy - Updates from our @fundition campaign and more!

It's always great to see that social media communities making real meetups possible! Hope to be a part of next meeting. Best wishes! I have to learn more about fundition. Seems to be a great project!


Meetups in real life is the best, IMO! Hopefully you will be with us for the next one :)

Voted this comment to counteract some flags you received elsewhere. ;)

Now you should be able to get a lot of flags from tini accounts and still be breaking even.

😊 Thankyou

Of course, please don't stress over some future small flags now :)

Just have fun.

I have seen a lot of accounts getting tiny flags, I don't know what is that about.
Our Romanian community got a lot of flags and we have made a list and investigated, it doesn't seem relevant, or concerted. Some of the ones being flagged were using bidbots, but not all.
Guess time will tell if this is the start of something bigger.

Flags don't matter any more then upvotes do, really. They are a part of the system. People just don't like seeing their rewards or rep go down, but life works like that.

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