Expanding The Exhibition Event - An Update on Bolyartsi Project

Greetings, friends!

Coming with another update on the plans for the Exhibition that will conclude Stage One of our project in Bolyartsi village, Bulgaria.

If you are unfamiliar, here is the plan in short:

Stage One is about introducing new social and artistic perspectives to a small community - one of countless such in Bulgaria and in the world as a whole. The purpose is to engage people in more interesting initiatives where they live. Our first village is Bolyartsi where a photo exhibition is being prepared.

Stage Two in Bolyartsi village will be preparing and empowering people living there to continue our artistic and social work through lectures, practice and projects to work on together. One of those will be an album which has been started on by @manoldonchev and is about to be continued by local talents.

Recent changes:

Yesterday we had a talk about the exhibition plans with Mr. Valentin Petrov who is also initiator, coordinator on local level and main sponsor of the project. The reschedule of the Exhibition for the Spring is mostly due to expanding the concept. He has confirmed the desire of Artist Teacher and Curator Violin Nedelchev to take part in it, personally and by inviting students from Sofia, the capital city. of Bulgaria. He has met with the Sadovo Municipality Mayor and we have some readiness on the municipality part to cooperate. Some participation is expected. Waiting for details.

The more participants from various places get involved, the more we touch on the ultimate goal of stirring cultural life in the area. And the more the chances for various connections and opportunities to be established.


Goals are evolving, too. The one previously listed as the first one to be crowdfunded here was:

"Provide Reliable Equipment For Club Activities"

(Reliable second-hand equipment - old models of DSLR class camera body, a wide and a telephoto zoom lenses. Second hand laptop for post production.)
That should be left to local factors, according to the core idea of Mr. Petrov. We are to introduce new perspectives through providing services - guidance and artistic work. Material Help should come from within the area and the populace.

So that goal will now be cleared and may reappear during Stage Two OR after all other goals have been achieved.

This reduces the total cost of Stage One.

A Bonus Reward

for backers joining this month is this calendar in PDF, offered by @manoldonchev to supporters and backers of a personal project as well. A new one coming for each month.

Ready to claim
Are also the files from this gallery where you may find the e-mail to write to. Supporters @fundition, @hendrikdegrote and @sndbox may do it whenever they choose. Their files are just an e-mail and a link away.


The more support we find here, the more we get closer to expanding this project on a larger scale and eventually influencing more communities!

So we more than ever rely on your Thoughts and your Donations. You can make a difference!

Thanks for reading!


Manol Donchev from PhotoAnthill

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