BA Push Truck at 2018 Bonneville Salt Flats

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If anyone was at day 1 Bonneville Speed Week starting line, you would have noticed this truck.

This amazing beast was a late model semi tractor truck with a GMC cab-over. I don't believe that GMC ever built a suburban style cab-over. I suspect that this crazy cab was a combination of different GMC cabs. Front bullet bumper looks as if it came from a Cadillac. These guys that built this amazing vehicle even thought to make the rear doors suicide style. The entire cab hinges at the front and has air-ride bags on the back of the cab.



Check out the rear suicide doors.

You may notice the silver bar on the front that looks like a bumper. This is not actually a bumper. It is a push bar for their streamliner. The cars at Bonneville are so high geared that they usually need a push within the first mile to get them going in first gear.

Here is the streamliner that the truck was pushing. This streamliner was the very first car on the track of 2018 Bonneville Speed Week. This car qualified to break the speed record in their class at 352.573 MPH. The car went on to set the record with an average of two runs. That average speed was 369.162 MPH.

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These photos are absolutely unbelievable! It makes me think that the Bonneville races in the Salt Flats are the most expensive sport!

That is freaking awesome. I love it.Kinda reminds me of the truck from jepers creepers.

That does look like the truck. I never seen the movie jeepers creepers, but now I will have to go watch it.

The shape of the cabin really attracts attention. but there is no justification for the external effect. With this form, I do not think that there is a gain in resistance to air, but their engineers know more. But a beautiful truck.

I loved what they did with the truck. Just amazing.

It should improve management, but where they hid a powerful engine. Really down?

i don't think it runs fast but its looking cool.

It is very cool. I would love to have it, but will need to wait forever for crypto to turn around. Sigh...

Here is a fast semi-truck that was at Bonneville.

That is amazing! Nice job.

wow. great post. i like it

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