Ask the Car Guy @socky Mar 8, 2019

in fun •  15 days ago

What is your car trouble?

I want to give back to Steemit community and provide some help on something that I know very well. Cars and how to fix them.


Please ask me about your car issue. Won't go into gear. Strange sounds. Don't know if you should take your car in to the shop. Just ask.

redneck repair3.jpg

Send me the make, model, and year along with car symptoms.

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Hey friend, I have a car issue that I was hoping you could help me out with. I bought a 2000 Subaru Legacy recently and my check light came on the other day, I tried to check it with my OBDII reader but it keeps saying no link? My OBD reader says its good for cars as old as 96'. I don't really want to take it in and pay for a mechanic for a check engine light that will most likely end up being nothing. Any suggestions?


I would bet that the OBD connector is missing the 12V power. Probably a fuse. The manual might not show which fuse is responsible for the power of the OBD connector. Check all your fuses. If that doesn't fix it, then I would find a multi meter and get a wiring diagram for the OBD connector and start checking for a bad wire. Most likely it is just missing the 12V power.

Good luck.


Awesome, thanks for the advice. I will check that out and let u know if that fixed it or not.