Hilarious Moments with the Little Ones - #1

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Hilarious Moments with the Little Ones - #1

I was playing with my little nephew who was 5 years at the time and all of a sudden he got naughty. He began to spit at me and my younger cousin. I tried verbal caution but it failed as he kept on with the act. Yes, he was a little stubborn and disregards verbal cautions a lot. So I grabbed him, spanked him and called him a dirty pig. Whoops, that was gross, but wait for it.

He cried for about 8 minutes, his hands on the spot where I spanked. Suddenly, he stopped crying, then he planted his gaze on us and yelled, “I am not a dirty pig, I am a clean pig”.

We literally burst into laughter and from that day onward we called him “Mr. Clean P” until his mom caught us in the act. She also couldn’t help but laugh when we told her how it all started. He is a big boy today and should be 16 years now. But guess what? I have not seen him since them.

Kindly share the funny moments you have had in the comment section. I look forward to reading them and having a good laugh.

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Watch out for #2


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