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It had been a long and tiring day in work and horrifyingly the day was not yet done. I couldn't help but stare at the clock on a nearby wall. The hands never seeming to move.

I sighed loudly for about the seventeenth time that hour and wished for home time.

One of my colleagues, Henry, who sat across from me looked up from his computer when he heard me sighing again.

It has been a bit of a long day hasn't it?

He said, looking as if he was loving every minute of this long torture.

I was tempted to ignore him but the thought of anything making the day pass a little quicker made me decide to engage him in conversation.

Yeah, quite long. Baby kept me up a bit last night so I am not feeling the freshest.

I made a cat smelling sweaty socks face.


Henry's face lit up at the mention of last night. He took a deep breath.

I didn't sleep too well myself...

He made an O shape with his mouth and moved his head about as if dodging invisible flying piranha. I couldn't help but glare at his slightly odd antics which I was quite sure was meant to convey a deep sense of mystery.


I had a dream.

He said portentously.

I groaned out loud. Oh no, not the dream talk. Why did people have the most twee dreams and yet insist on telling others of them in every minute detail?

Would you like to hear what it was about?

I picked up a random piece of paper and started stapling it violently.

Um, no thanks. I am not really into dreams.

Henry reeled back as if I had thrown his own mother at him.

You're not into dreams? How can you not be into dreams? Everybody dreams? In fact... Dreams can be very... powerful...

I stapled the piece of paper even harder until my stapler clicked empty. Then pulled a funny face and pushed my lips out.


Dreams can be very powerful?

I said disbelievingly.

He looked hurt. It didn't seem to stop him, however.

They can. They really can. You may scoff but try keeping a dream journal and you will see the power that dreams can hold then.

A dream journal. Why? Why would anyone do that?

He puffed up like a big penguin and pushed back in his chair to get more comfortable. I sensed I had fallen into a great trap. He began with what sounded to be a very rehearsed spiel.


Normally dreams don't mean anything. It is just the mind sorting out the memories of the day and trying to make sense of them. Some dreams, however, are different. Some dreams can give you a glimpse of what lies ahead. Of the future.

I looked around for hidden cameras to see if I was being set up but there were none.

I am afraid I don't really believe that. But, well, you know, well done. Sort of.

I turned back to my computer, thinking to head this conversation off at the pass. It was getting too weird. But no. Henry was in his full flow now. He leaned toward me and said in a I see dead people kind of whisper.

I have dreamed of things before they have happened.

He fixed his eyes on mine to gauge my reaction. I raised a quizzical right eyebrow all the way up to my hairline, which, thanks to my advancing age is a little higher than I would like.

If you have seen the future in your dreams, why don't you buy the winning lottery ticket in next weeks draw?

Henry rolled his eyes.

It doesn't work like that.

He said wisely.

If you can see the future in your dreams why didn't you see that accident you had where you fell off your bike last week.


Henry's face twitched with annoyance which he quickly smoothed out into serene calmness.

It doesn't work like that.

He said, wisely once more.

If you can see the future in your dreams, why are you single?

Henry gritted his teeth slightly

It doesn't wo...

I will tell you why.

I interrupted.

It is because of all this dream nonsense that's why

No it isn't!

Squealed an indignant, no longer wise Henry.

Would you like to hear my dream?

I asked quickly.

He still looked miffed.

Go on then, what was your dream?


Now it was my turn to hold court. I swivelled around in my chair till I was facing him head-on.

I had a dream that I was at work and someone bored me to death talking about their dreams.

Oh haha, very funny.

Said Henry sulkily.

But wait.

I cried excitedly.

If I dreamt that, does that mean that I dreamt the future!!

I gave him a big cheesy grin as he got up and stomped away from his desk in a huff.


So tell me. Are you a dream believer? If so, what have you dreamed that has come true? Or do you think the whole thing is a load of twaddle and it is the mind sorting out the day's events, like me?

Give us your best dream stories in the comments. I will be there to listen!

All pictures created by me. Yep, even the little fishy GIF!

Authored by: @meesterboom

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interesting ..
Sometimes I wonder about the source of these dreams despite the scientific interpretations ..
After all I wonder about today's episode Haha
Thanks for sharing‏.

I believe that we are able to perceive much more information with our brain than we are aware of. I believe that our subconscious organizes that information, interprets it and creates possible predictions, which warns us through dreams or through what is known as intuition. Excuse my English, it's not my native language


Well you were very eloquent!! Your English is splendid and that is a matter of fact what I believe too


Hmmm, I think he missed a bit?


Your theory is spot on, im actually in the middle of reading a book called "Deviate" written by a neuro scientist by the name of Beau Lotto and his ideas on pscyhology are very up to date as he has been able to combine psychology with his findings in neuro science studies so he has great actual facts in order to prove theorys such as this one, one of his colleagues found in a study that it takes up to 7 seconds for a thought from our unconscious mind to reach our conscious mind, meaning that in almost every case our brain has already made our decision before we even become consciously aware of the thought


Your brain may be beautiful, but “what makes it beautiful is that it is delusional....fantastic stuff


I will give you my vote every time I see them on my screen, but also give me your vote, I will love them forever.

In a dream our brain actively processes the information received for a day. Therefore, the "brighter" was your day, the more chances to see an interesting dream. For example, one day I spent the whole day fishing and spent the whole day watching the float. After that, I dreamed the float all night :)
But there was another dream, which (as it seemed to me later came true). This was due to one life event. In the morning, when I woke up, I was delighted with the realism of my dream. I tried to remember what I dreamed, but after a while - I forgot it. I did not pay any attention to this and left for my own business. But at work with me there were events, the consequences of which I saw in my dream. Specifically, it was the meetings of certain people and the fact that I was sent on a business trip. During the day, I felt the feelings of deja vu, and every time I remembered a fragment of my dream.
Maybe it was a coincidence. Precisely, I can not confirm. But it was very realistic.
I'm such a person, I always dream. Daily. I know some people who do not see dreams (or do not remember).
It also made me remember the interesting facts about deja vu. Thank you:)
A good post, it is commendable that you made all the pictures (and animation) yourself.


Why thank you, I try to be as original as possible and making the pictures/gif etc is part of that!

I too have experienced major deja vu as I think we all have at certain points in our life. Perhaps the answer really is to keep a dream journal so that notes can be compared.

Great post! I love dreaming and remembering what I dreamt. There is always a reason for dreaming and it's fantastic when all together makes sense when I'm awake. I can't wait to read your next post ;) see you!

Btw my last dream was about my students playing the trumpet during the English lesson...


I cant wait for you to read it!

That is a very strange dream. there is a school of thought that likens the trumpet or indeed any brass instrument to the closed loop of time in which we inhabit. When someone plays a brass instrument in a dream the signal is being sent to the dreamer that time for us is a closed loop but we can be heard beyond this if we try hard enough.

I made that up, but it was glorious :O)


That's interesting... although I'm still thinking about that dream.


And i always forget what i dreamt :D

I also had a dream and i dmeamed it several times that i went somewhere with some of my close friend but i dont know who he is,i lost somewhere with him but the place is so beautiful that i dont wanna come back from that place.In dreams the place was like haven.


Well you know what they say in Scotland...

What's for you will not go by you...


take me to scotland... :o


was that a no :p


Never a no! :O)


You were traveling to another dimension. Very real indeed!

Pretty often I have dreams that seem to end up being exact situations I encounter much later in real life. Crazy


You should keep a journal!


I tried! My problem is, I very rarely remember my dreams. If I'm dreaming at all. But I really did start jotting down things I can recall.


You are gifted with an open awareness. Use it. But remember, the future is not fixed or set. You can choose!


If I could just train myself to remember dreams at all. These types of dreams I never recall when I wake up. It's weeks later, like deja vu.


@captenredbeard There's a way to train the mind. I'll give you two quick tips here. 1) Do a dreams log where every morning you will write your dreams from the night before. 2) Before you fall asleep tell yourself three times, "tonight I'll remember my dreams and in the morning, when I wake up, I'll write them down in my log". Keep doing this and you'll begin remembering them.
You gave me an incentive. Soon I'll publish a detailed post about this subject.


Deja vu right? Kinda crazy.

I had a wierd dream I met Kim Jung Un in a meeting and he was in this little office chair and... Bobby Mcferrin was playing in the loud speakers...
And I woke up and thought , Man I should apply this to my life...


Hahaha, well, maybe you should listen to them dreams. What a crazy world you would end up living in!


I might get into some foul trouble subconscious, but still I will try Lucid dreaming and have some insane conversation next time. Anyway its a dream so no problem I guess!

I remember that I used to be chased by something in many of my dreams. I could not escape it nor could it reach me. I was tried of it, so I decided to face it, and I survived. I have not been chased in my dreams ever since.

My latest dreams have been me being in my hometown.


Well now, you have lucked out. I happen to know a bit about dreams.

The thing that was chasing you was regret, regret over past decisions. Particularly a misplaced regret about moving away from your hometown. You turned and faced down that regret though and now you no longer feel it.

However this has hastened another dream. Although you no longer regret it, you know that you have unfinished business there. The time will come when you must return to your hometown to finish that which is left un-done.

all minds are brilliant...many are not nourished as they should be...many cannot dream because they have their face stuck in their phone/tablet/TV.....but day dreaming can result in fantastic ideas..!!


I agree there actually, my very best ideas come from daydreaming. Some would say too much!


My dreams scares me but still excite me to the point of shaking at times.


Everybody dreams! Those who don't remember their dreams are too mental, like you said. Cell phones should be put aside at least one hour before sleeping to allow the conscious mind to be free to remember.


You are absolutly right about many of them being stuck.

I'm still shopping for witnesses - I certainly enjoyed this blurb. It's right in line with some stuff I write. Well done.


Smashing stuff! I will be sure to have a look at your stuff!


I have dreams all the time . Deans are important to us as they help us to sleep better and also the can provide fantastic ideas and inspirations. In fact dreams can give you anything better dreams can be about anything.


I do agree with the inspiration part

I think it's just our minds continuing from where we stopped during the day. But i know people who have known 'things' through dreams in a way that it could not have been a coincidence. I mean... really accurate .Not the Henry type . Nonetheless, i still think believers in dreams should still be wary and sieve them.They should look for other collaborative evidence and not just fly off the handle because of a dream.


I think that is a sound and reasonable approach, the seiving that is. After all the could well be information in there but it can't all fore tellings and the like


There are many dreams that had come true in my life. I also know whose dreams came true

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."
I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.
I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
I have a dream today!”


It's a very nice speech


“legend’s speech”

I enjoyed reading the post really u got a nice way of writting and as for me i really believe in dreams actually i like to hear about dreams. @adsactly keep the nice posts👍🏼


I am glad you believe in them at is it we all believed the same thing the world would be a very dull place


That is correct and we should respect others thaughts especially if u got such way in writting attractive posts


I do believe respect is what separates us from the animals. That and the shaving


Hahahaha and once again u got a point 👍🏼


yes great post @rabifarhat

Dreams are real in some cases. Not all dreams comes out from the multitude of the day's activities.
I could remember last year i had a dream where i did bad in an exam. I prayed about but it happened in real life. Failed some final year exam as a university study and that lead to me spending an extra year in school to graduate this year.


Hey! I had the same dream about you failing your exam!!

This crazy world! ;O)


Haha i can't fail two times. So your dream not true

Instead of organizing the events of the day, what dreams do is to put your constant thoughts into these. Some experts in neuroscience say that through dreams you can receive answers, but what you need to reoccur is to activate your child's interior, and learn to interpret. I do not remember my dreams, if the nightmares hehe, for that reason until now I can not say that they have been fulfilled: P


Well that is interesting. If the answers are in our dreams then we will have to assess what the questions could be?

I think we are going to have to build a bigger computer... ;O)


I think we rather sleep, haha

I have been an active dreamer for all my life. In my blog here I (also) interpret dreams. Dreams ARE real. I just posted interpretations for several dreams about ex- lovers. Most people are bothered by such dreams and I hope I clear the vagueness. You may follow me to stay updated. If you post your dream in the comments there I may give an explanations. Hope to enrich your life. 🤞


I think this is a splendid thing. But what if I was a dream interpreter Hunter and I had lied you into my trap with my bait?

Just kidding, I will certainly check out your blog, it sounds intriguing


Super. Let's travel together "up there" and hunt the spooks 😉


Hehe, a done deal!

I don't hold too strongly to dreams and most times when I dream, I wake up to the fumes of the dream fading away. I try to catch it but there is difficulty in remembering such surreal scenes.

A dream that I have never forgotten was a dream in which I heard a man calling out to a girl. The name was not one I had heard before, the accent was also wrong; it wasn't nigerian. There was so much pain in the words; "Riley!" that I shudder when I think of it.

Someone with terrible bass ran a commentary as this woman's name was being called. I could not see any faces. It was as if I was listening to a broadcast from a private radio channel.

I tried to see faces but the fog never cleared. The last thing I heard was a woman's voice whispering 'please don't let me go' or something similar, I can't remember now. Then I woke up.

Till date, I can't fathom that dream. It is weirdest I have had. I had to write a poem based on the dream to keep the memory for posterity.

When I woke up from that dream, the television was on, so I don't know, maybe the ongoing television show filtered into my subconscious?

That is my submission. I dont know if it counts though. Peace.


Perhaps the television had forged through your sleep. More likely though is that this was your future true love calling out for you. Have you found her yet? They do say that true love can cross any boundary


I have lost faith in true love a while back. I wonder what she will find when she comes. I have considered the television because when I woke up, it felt as if the television had played a prank on me and it hid it's secrets well


You should have punished it!! hehe

"For now I hope to see a dream where this crypto fall gets stable & give some fruitful results to the investors."

Well @meesterboom
Indeed dreams are quite diverse subject to be debate on,though all of us has dreams sometimes we remember it ,most we forget,some are good,some are bad,some just don't mean anything and keeps the uncertainity of it to rise, well I share what my faith says about dreams.
There are three times of dreams from Almighty where you saw something good,you saw a pleasant vision there,you saw some of instruction to follow.

2.dreams about you want to achieve somthing in your life or something about you come across in your daily life.

3.the bad dreams in which you face reluctance in achieving something,you get horrified,you won't get sleep right.


I think there is a fourth type...

The one where I end up with loads of money on a tropical island surrounded by beautiful people. I am sitting on a giant pile of money and one of my many life's detractors appears before me and says imploringly meesterboom, where did it all go wrong??


I have had 4 dreams come true completely, one moments after awakening and 3 others took months to manifest. I am also living a dream I had in High School in my life. Weird huh? If you haven't read the Monroe Institute material, they figured out what is happening when we sleep and developed technology around it. What does the technology do? Let you get out of your body while awake, well the body is asleep and the mind (out of body) awake. Bob Monroe's books are fascinating. I gave been able to find others in dreams as well. I have even had the "Pink Floyd" dream where "the band your in starts playing different tunes" dream.... If you don't know people who when they go to sleep they wake up there, you may not know anyone very psychic :-) cheers, Mark


That sounds very interesting. I will be sure to check out this Monroe Inst stuff! Cheers!


here is some video

once I dreamed a dog chasing me. somehow I realized that it was a dream. so I started to chase the dog. I read once about lucid dreams and I thought my dream was a lucid dream. Could you explain lucid dreams.


Yes, actually Ican explain them quite well . Firstly though lets talk about the dog.

In your dream the dog represented your fears. Your fears in life were hunting you down and you were running from them. As you ran you realised that you were more than the sum of your fears and decided to face them head on, hence they ran and you becamse the person you are today.

Join me next week for Lucid Dreaming: The awakening.


Thank you for the dream analysis. In fact, it was a dream I used to have. and the only thing I feared in those days was the uncertain future. but these days, I don't have that kind of fear's all right and I'm happy.


Then that's fantastic!

I usually dream. As far as I could remember, I never dreamed of persons I don't know. I knew all the persons I dreamed.
I don't go deeper into thinking about dreams, what it means, what's its all about, because in the end, I couldn't picture it out, the true meaning or what its telling me. And thinking it long always ends up into a wasteful thinking. Now, when I dream, I just remember some of its parts and think about it for a minute or a couple of minutes then leave it as it is. Why would I think much on it, when I often times have dreams coming? And its a variety of them, but its not a continuation or a story type with different episodes lol!

But it feels great when we dream rather than not dreaming at all.
I couldn't remember if all of my dreams come true.
But it happened long time ago that I was dreaming walking in the air and it was getting higher and higher, the most enjoyable dream I ever had and I was thinking, "Would that dream come true?"

The lesson here is:
Don't take dreams seriously because there are also bad dreams. I even dreamed I was climbing a coconut tree, after reaching near the fruit, I unfortunately fell to the ground dead and my father saw me. He was crying and I woke up after that. That's totally a bad bad bad dream folks!

Anyways, a BIG THANKS to @meesterboom for having this great post again!
You're the man!


I don't like the sound of the coconut tree dream at all!


Sorry man!
That's my bad dream ever!

The subconscious use the dreams to expose us to our fears,
hard situations and more. So that when we face those situations
in the reality we'll be ready to face them. A survival mechanism.


I agree, but why oh why do I so rarely have a bazooka in real life?

All pictures created by me. Yep, even the little fishy GIF

Wow nice job there

Sometimes I believe in dreams, and sometimes I don't.

I once dreamt that my mum had a serious accident, and it came out pass the next day. My only joy is that I took it serious and prayed over it, I even told her about the dream before it happened
So if I hadn't taken it serious, I believe it would have been worst


Thanks (about the gif)

Wow, that's quite something. I do believe there are things at l which defy explanation by our current standards now. I hope all is well

It has always bothered me, I have had dreams that literally came to pass, most times after a few weeks to months...nothing too serious though, but then when it happens I have this nagging recollection that I've had the dream before.. It's usually amazing to say the list.. Maybe the human mind is more capable than science has made us realise.. I think it's something worth carrying out a study about.. Cheers


I think a study is worth carrying out. The only thing is though, I think stuff like that has already been done and to no avail. There are numerous theories on why we experience that type of deja vu and how it is our brain attempting to perceive coinicidences and other types of synchronous occurence as something it can make sense of. Ultimately our brain relies on a lot of primitive techniques which helped us survive the being prey days.


I quite agree with you and I am not surprised to hear that studies have been carried out, maybe in the past, but with newer technology and growing advancements in the field of sleep medicine, I'm sure like most research, all it takes it dedication and time.. We will definitely get the answers we seek and maybe finally get a concrete theory on this astounding phenomenon.. Which I must say will be a great achievement in our quest towards understanding the human mind

When my sister in law was pregnant, me and my mother thought she was carrying a girl. They didn't wanted to know the gender.
I had a dream she appeared in front of me and was holding her hands on her preggo belly. She looked at me and said;" It's a boy". And it was so clear. After that moment I stayed with "boy". This is almost a year ago, the baby came to the world, and it is a boy!! he is really sweet. I think the dream was predictive.


I think that you could be right. However in the interests of science I demand that she has a further 10 children, the first 9 you shall attempt to predict the sex of and the last one will be a control in which you do not attempt to predict the sex of the child. I expect the results forthwith ;O)


Yeah.... You got a point...I get it...🤓

So next will be going to the casino... Red or Black... I wil let know🙃

It was a nice dream though haha


Lol, I was just messing :0)

I had a dream before, i dreamed about my fave high school teacher, after many days i found out she's gone, my heart is shattered into pieces for knowing it. My dream is her way to say good bye to me..

I believe all the dream to brave people. Encouragement saves theiis world.

this is a really great masterpiece. we really admire you my friend, if possible ?! I will draw and absorb a little knowledge from you.

preety often post about dream my dream willl come true in this year

Interesting content, is a very interesting story

i know dream is an energy that cannot be destroyed.... i know its too that your post will touch everyone heart... best of luck...

nice wriiting...
thanks for sharing...
feel free to follow me at @alamshaheb2018


Your post is very nice @adsactly
Keep working and always the spirit my friend ...
I upvote 100% of your posts.

If you wish vote back:


I read with interest ... thanks ... I do not attach much importance to dreams. Otherwise it is difficult to live :) Also I try to dream less ... my dreams do not come true, alas ... and disappointment comes, depression ...


I think there is nothing wrong with dreaming as long as it doesnt get in the way of living!

Great story, poor poor Henry.

we are all connected to the universe, good thing that dreams don't predict the future though or I would have gone to school only to realize I was nude!


a lot of funny post..☺
never give up
thanks for sharing

Such are dreams man!

Wow.....i appreciate this writing....i like this of luck....

Maravilloso escrito

Harikasınız gerçekten 👍

I believe in dreams though o seldom remember what i dreamt abt ... The ones i remember actually do come to pass.
Dreams are like movie-trailer, you get a glimpse of whats to come through dream.

wow all thumbs up to you @adscatly I love how you described everything in the first para it just goes to show that you are a writer and good at descriptive writing. Thumbs up again man

Also I would love to share my life story with ya'll and how a book called "Law of success" helps me to be where I am now ya'll don't have to upvote if you don't want to but just check it out.

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I always dream about the favourably future i hope that it comes as expected it sounds wierd tho!

hi!!!! Nice post!!! I am from Venezuela!!! Bye!!!

YOUR writing skill is really nice
Thanks for sharing this high quality content with us !
Appreciate that

Just continue dreaming.:)

💓 heart touching blog .... @adsactly



Permission right I said to the friends steemit.

"Please help follow my account" **

Follow you very I expected.

On the attention of his I say thank you.


I believe we see our future in our dreams. Even though it's not always clear. We can't control what we dream up to a certain level. But I have multiple dreams I keep having again. Dreams where when I'm awake I try to figure out where I was in my dream. Try to recall all that I see. Sometimes I can't recall my dream, but then I dream it again like an ongoing story on multiple dimensions. Even past lives. My worst biggest wishes. After is also just a dream we wake up in everyday.

Must be exhausting

Good read

Hi @adsactly . I had a dream one dawn. In the dream they killed at a dog that always waited for my at night when I got home. In the morning they killed the dog because she got sick with rabies and it was the best thing. Sometime dreams come true. Excuseme for my english please! Greetings!

When I was younger, we were having a first day of snow competition at work. You had to guess the day it would snow and how much would fall. I didn't care one way or the other.

In a dream, a small gnome came to me and said it would snow on this date and there would be 7 inches. I laughed when I woke up. I told a few people. They laughed too.

None of us were laughing when it snowed on that very day and the amount totaled 7 inches.

That little gnome has never come back.

Nice post & information..
Ive followed & upvote,..thanks...

I've dreamt a lot, and I usually dream that I die or that I kill, idk why, but it happens a lot

Oh dreams! My dreams are quite a scary one but I remembered this particular one where I was being headshot while fighting in a war saying my prayers as the last words. Upvoted!

I belive in the relation between the dream and whats gonna happen in the futur, the reality i escaped from dangerous things with that, this post is really fantastique mate, keep offering us something like gold i support u

Yes every one do dream, dreams can be Scarry or sweet to tell, sometimes impossibilities of reality becomes possible in the dream, it can be a message to one person to another, a for seen event, ect,. Nice story u a'v put up thanks keep up with steemit.

You have to fight to reach your have to sacrifice and work hard for it........

Sometimes im scared of my whole body.

Es curioso sentir o percibir en nuestra vida, eventos que pareciera haberlos vividos tal cual, detalle a detalle hasta hace poco averigue el nombre de estos episodios, de javu, al igual que los sueños en donde se refleja lo realizado o vivido en el día pero alteraciones.

wow nice post!

Over all that's the great post ..
I realize it is so valuable post .
Best of luck ..Carry on your own way..👍👍

Even though you said it disbelievingly, it's quiet certainly that dream are more powerful than anything.

Thinks the dreams



May be, dreams an ilutions,
But it's Like so real,
What do you think?

This is amazing

Gambar yang sangat keren

Hi @adsactly I drem to be a whale part of this community but for now I'm still a newbie and I need your support for my dreams to come true. I followed and upvoted you.

Dreams can sometime be very awful everytime I dream that I am going to a wedding someone near me die that is the only time I am dreaming and it happem every time So I dont want to dream anymore Thankyou for sharring


That is troublesome. I think, thankfully for you, that I have the solution..

Would you like to get married?

Good job
Upvote me please

dreams are deceptive ,

I am a dreamer, this best prose,thanks..

This is almost a year ago Everybody dreams!

Some people are able to "take charge" of their dreams, and manipulate them in certain directions through a technique known as lucid dreaming. Use has been made of this to effectively reduce nightmares and to treat depression and self mutilation.Many cultures attribute prophetic significance to dreams (an example of this can be found in the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis). Others are more skeptical. Aristotle wrote a treatise on dreams 2400 years ago in which he stated that "most so-called prophetic dreams should be classified as coincidences".

Waw sangat lah oke

nice post

nice post for read
have greating

great work i can't understand how you create magic posts love you @adsactly

I am dream believer but I don't remember my dreams. Here is my introductory article read and upvote please.

Nice post I will definitely resteem this post @adsactly


I dreamt about that I am drowning in the sea and then I survive with somebody who holds my hands . I told my mother about it. She told me that I may encounter problem which will be solve since I survive from drowning in my dream. Definitely it's true. I encountered problems after few days. It's my son who was sick. We have no savings at all. In God's grace my mother in law came in our house and offer money for us to go to the doctor. I realized that what my mother told me about my dream is definitely true.

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We can't even be sure what's a dream and what isn't ;)

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Oh I would love a Tesla!! Who wouldnt!!

I really wouldnt want a fully automated car though. I LOVE driving! I would miss it so much. Plus im not a very good passenger. For some reason I always get motion sickness if im not in the drivers seat. Sucks.

our brain is not predictable. a good blog.


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for dreams are a window to the possible future. Of course not all dreams are left and others are crazy, but it is to the people who have fulfilled the dreams. I liked the story.

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This is so inspiring @adsactly.... I'm a fine artist, so apart from commend your write-up.... I must appreciate your choice of picture... It's the most beautiful thing I've seen today!!

Hello today i can to read you post.the Dreams can help people God uses dreams to send a message known to a doctor who entered a state of sleep that prescribed to the sick who live in his office. You can believe in dreams.
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Believe in them or not, they often serve as a preparation for things to come. Often, they are metaphorical. Sometimes, they play out like deja vu. If you should go to my YouTube channel, I had some disturbing dreams in 2K16, so much so, that I made a 'vlog' of them. This was before I knew the U.S. would be so close to war with NK.

But, anyhoo...yes, I actually pray against dreams sometimes, as they can be quite tiresome.

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I wish to live in my dreams than in reality..

Great writing! You had me reeled in! I rarely remember my dreams. I wish I could though. I imagine them being all colourful and good, but perhaps that’s just my daydreaming 😁