U.S. President Signs Buchanan Bill Aimed at Keeping Families TOGETHER...

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...INSTEAD of Being Placed in Foster Care or Group Homes and is now a LAW


What started out as HR 253 sponsored by Rep. Buchanan, Vern [R-FL] and co-sponsored by Rep. Levin, Sander M. [D-MI] has now been signed into law. A giant step in the right direction and a time to make a difference.

This new law which is also known as the Family First Prevention Services Act is also bipartisan. This means both parties have come to agreement on this issue. There should be no time wasted in the usual push-pull scenarios that seem to come into play within the government bureaucracy .

“This bill makes sure that children are protected and families are not split up unnecessarily,” Buchanan said. “Our current system creates a perverse incentive to place children in foster care. Breaking up families should be a last resort.”

The bill will:

*Fund a program to address child abuse and child neglect due to substance abuse.
*Reduce wait times for children in fragile transition periods by helping states update antiquated child placement systems.
*Offer help to grandparents who are asked to care for their grandchildren.
*Provide parent training and family therapy to keep kids at home and out of the child welfare system.

Know Your Rights or You Will Lose Them

Right now there are families at risk, in danger, living in fear and suffering in turmoil at the hands of CPS and the "Family Court System". Anyone not familiar with the actions being taken against families by the CPS agencies across this country and as we have learned around the world, you can simply visit @familyprotection to learn more .

As with anything new, it takes time for the news to reach those that need it the most. This new law may not reach mainstream news and even if by chance there be mention of it, we know the story will not be ongoing to make it available to the masses. For us to reach those already in the CPS system and those that have not yet been assaulted but are vulnerable would be most likely, an impossible task.

Didn't You Get The Memo?

This is an important law and in a perfect world one would likely believe that dissemination of this new law would be a priority and a protocol would already be in place by those passing and signing off on the new law to make the information available to the public. Unfortunately, many times this is not the case. One can assume they have an expedited process in place to notify all the authorities effected by this new law, namely all Child Protective Service (CPS) agencies and the Family Court System across the nation.

Should we really assume notification will be done in an expeditious manner?

Outside of the congress that passed this bill, there were more than 500 state and national child welfare organizations supporting this bill as well. Those include the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Children’s Defense Fund and the Child Welfare League of America.

I will be contacting the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Children’s Defense Fund and the Child Welfare League of America to not only thank them but to address this question in the next few days . We hope to find they have an outreach in place and if there is anything, we as individuals and/or collectively, can be doing to assist.

Any one wishing to help draft and/or have suggestions for creating a Letter of Inquiry or if you have experience in addressing issues such as this, please let me know in the comments below or CLICK HERE to find me on Discord .

There is a great deal that can now be done to undo some of the turmoil families are dealing with today. If anyone is in contact with any family now dealing with CPS in the United States or they themselves are now under the scrutiny of this agency it is a good time to notify the family lawyer of this new law as well.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the HR 253 Bill which is now LAW

This may be one of the biggest opportunities we have to utilize our experience and/or our abilities to expose and dispose of some of the most vile practices that are currently in use today. Child safety is a large part of parenting and that responsibility and right should remain with the parents as a first priority whenever possible.

CLICK HERE for Official Press Release from Rep. Vern Buchanan


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Governments around the world,
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to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
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This is great news Vickie! You just keep an eye on them and make sure they mean it. Proactivist!

Takes both eyes these days! I do like the direction it appears to be going here. The guy that submitted the initial bill has 3 others he's helped get into law and I'm impressed with them. So far they seem to be pointing in the direction to "the greater good". I believe @canadian-coconut is right ..... divine intervention. Now it is up to us to keep up the momentum?

The U.S. ranks third to last among OECD countries on public spending on family benefits. That we lack anything resembling a 21st century family policy is not an oversight. It is not because American society refuses to come to grips with the reality of working mothers. Rather, it is the result of a political hijacking so fabulously successful it wiped away virtually any trace of its own handiwork.
And here we are today, with no national solution to the absurd and at times, tragic, lack of safe, affordable, quality child care. @vickiebarker thanks for sharing ♥

This new law, much like the newly established Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within the Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights, offers an opportunity for those in the US to make some needed changes. It is all moving in a positive direction, we must be diligent to insure it keeps moving! Thank you for taking time to comment. (I had to look up OECD countries, I'm sure I haven't been down all the "rabbit holes".) One piece of information I did receive addresses quite a few changes in CEO's of major companies around the world. I found it interesting.

After reading all those stories from @familyrotection this piece of news has really lifted my spirits. I'm not from the US but that is hardly any consolation since every vile agenda ever put in place in the US spreads across the world like a plague that it is. Keeping my fingers crossed the news about this new law gets to the ones that need it most and have been praying for it as soon as possible. Will be following.

Pleased to meet you @janecito and thank you for commenting. This news is really lifting my spirits as well and seems to be moving in the right direction. @article61 has some positive things happening in his part of the world. https://steemit.com/familyprotection/@article61/a-helping-hand-for-familyprotection-event-announcement-at-bottom-of-page

We must make this the time of change. There are far too many suffering at the hands of the few.

Great idea to contact the agencies and thank them for what they are doing, ask what the plan to do and see what they have to say. It is unusual for something like this to get support from so many different sources. I hope that they really are behind it for the benefit of the children and really keeping families together. I thank you for referring me to the other post where the bill is being taken apart. I'm interested to see what else can be found out about it as nothing really is as it appears. Hopefully this bill really will help children and not pad pocketbooks. Thanks for the post!

this is an alleviation. This is a venturing stone as this approach will have it numerous impacts on different countries that occupied with routine with regards to isolating families. Much thanks to you for offering to us sir

Yes, the child suffering is world wide. So many countries have a system to "kidnap" children and as we move ahead hopefully the steps forward will resonate to all of the world. Thank you for your comment.

I love to read your story let alone talk about family problems

Great and very informative post!

Wow.....this is a relief. This is a stepping stone as this policy will have it multiple effects on other nations that engaged in practise of separating families. Thank you ,Ma for this info.

Yes, that is what we hope. We are all one people and children and families continue to suffer. Let us hope change is coming!

This can be read more than one way. I'm in the middle of a post and I'm so sick with the flu I can barely sit up... The part in light gray that I assume are items from the bill are what I fing troubling- they can be read more than one way!

So sorry on top of your full plate you are suffering with the flu. Onion broth has always been my first go to when flu symptoms first appear. Here is the link to the Press Release. It probably shows more of the "intent" and reason behind the Bill. Let me know what you think. https://buchanan.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/president-signs-buchanan-bill-help-kids

Onion broth actually sounds good- I hate soup, especially chicken soup. I used to run the killing room at a chicken plant and if you saw those poor things, you'd never eat another chicken!!! I'll look at it- but I know how govt works (read my post of today- I just got done)

*Provide parent training and family therapy to keep kids at home and out of the child welfare system. This troubles me... they're going to mandate classes by "experts (people with no children) and therapy... This is just more jobs created in the "child rearing industry... to hell with thousands of years of parental expertise- we have experts now- people who have been to college and have degrees! See what you did- you got me started lol!!! I'm going to lay down for awhile before I collapse!

Unfortunately, they have already been doing this for a VERY long time, the mandating of the parent training etc. They do this now AFTER they remove the child(ren), put them through countless hours of "therapy" and still keep their kids in foster care. So at least this way, the children can remain home, or with someone close they are familiar with. (Yes, many times the classes are done by "experts" that I wouldn't trust to watch my dog for the weekend. I've met with a few doing community meetings etc. over the years) Get Well!

Thanks... I'm going to skip the propaganda and look up the act itself and take it apart... Just because something sounds good... remember the "Affordable Care Act"!