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RE: What goes on the Blockchain...STAYS on the Blockchain

Wow, I wonder what is up with that? I personally am always looking for the news on geoengineering because that practice is really hurting all life on this planet with no studies having been done on the effects on human life, or any other life. At least your posts can be found and they aren't deleted entirely. Makes me wonder though...


Apparently, because I am a bigot or something? Because I point out how much Israel controls the USA through AIPAC and other organizations. Or that I post FREE pdf's and literature? namely the protocols of the elders of zion? Of course I am angry and upset about what is going on, especially when others silence perfectly good information, even though they dont agree with my personal opinions.

Or maybe its because I posted a video listing the accomplishments and contribution of Jews in America?

Or maybe because I posted a video about sexual liberation , pornography and control, and how funny it is that Jews are behind most of the porn around today. Coincidentally, when IDF forces invaded Ramallah in the 90s, the first thing they did was take over the TV station and broadcast PORNOGRAPHY to all the people, who couldnt leave their homes because of curfew.

Or this video on 9/11?

Of course the people occupying Israel today ARE NOT the Israelites in the Bible! They are Khazars who picked up most of their rituals they use today in Babylon. Beware the synagogue of Satan, says the bible.

Maybe its because the user that is censoring me stevescoin , is jewish. Which I dont fault him for, but his unfounded actions for censorship ESPECIALLY when he CANNOT OR WILL NOT refute ANY of the information or claims I provide. instead he sounds more like a snowflake, blah blah, you hurt my feelings, CENSOR.

I mean, Jews are so persecuted right? They get kicked out of societies for doing nothing wrong right?

Like if you are always in a relationship that fails, you move on, and on, and on again, but why do you keep moving on. Is there something wrong with your partners, or maybe it is just because YOU are teh problem and people dont want to put up with your shit.

Hitler wasnt the first guy to try to re-locate the jews. - 2000 years of jews getting kicked our of European countries for a variety of reasons: financial, blood libel rituals where they kidnap gentile children during passover and sacrifice them ritually, poisoning wells, etc. ALL well documented.

And then we must ask ourselves, who is the problem here, the host societies or the Jews that feed off them? And remember they are just Khazars, not actually Israelites. Read the Bible its all there!

Sometimes people simply need to agree to disagree. Many times it is in how a person words statements. I don't expect to put a lot of time on this subject, each one finds their own way but I would like to point out that in your comment above it does seem you are lumping all Jewish people into a box. I am hoping for a society that overcomes the separations and instead can discern good versus evil. Sometimes it is simply the words we use. I remember it took me a while to learn to specify State of Israel vs Israel. There is a big difference.

After I saw your comment here I did go read more from a post by @stevescoin and what I see him asking is that you not use the tag #informationwars He created the tag and it is used for specific purposes. For whatever reason if a blog owner decides how he wants to operate his own blog I can find no other solution than to respect his wishes. That is simply common courtesy. I hope you will get this worked out as I do see some of your posts are interesting.

Well yes, I am making a generalization. This is my admitted bias, of course, it doesn't making any of the facts or historical events I site any less true. Does it?

Fact of the matter is, the "Jews" occupying Palestinian land as "Israel" are liars, and deceivers of the highest order. They only obtained that land through deceit and force, at teh expense of MANY Americans $ and lives!

At some point we have to ask ourselves, as a people, as a nation, if we want a rootless group of people to leech off and destroy our scoeity. By ensuring Israel gets billions in AID and our Military to use for their benefit, PLUS all the Jewish groups in the USA and Europe who lobby to bring in, or make direct policies, of REPLACEMENT migration to fulfill the goal of #whitegenocide

Why are the Frankfurt school and the for runners of Communism ALL JEWISH? This is a fact.

Why are Jewish groups behind LGBT acceptance? Why are they behind mass immigration of non-whites into white countries? Why are they behind gun control? Why are they behind "civil rights" movements?

"We are a corrosive force"

A jew in his own words. d.tubelink:


"The thing that makes Judaism dangerous - to everybody, to every race, to every nation, to every idea - is that we smash things that aren't true. We don't believe in the boundaries of nation-state. We don't believe in the ideas of these individual gods - that, you know, protect individual groups of people. These are all artificial constructions. Judaism really teaches us how to see that...In a sense our detractors have us right, in that we are a corrosive force. We're breaking down the false gods of all nations and all people 'cuz they aren't real. And that's very upsetting to people."

  • Douglas Rushkoff, 2009

They fuck up our countries and take wealth, then they can flee to Israel to be safe from the mess they have caused.

After watching the video, am I wrong for saying what he is admitting, just because I am not Jewish?

You are blowing up my feed here and I do not appreciate it. Your points are well taken, however, you would see more benefit if you simply put this info on one of your own posts for your own blog and get it out there building your own group of followers. You are way off topic as to my original post here.

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