A more Fully Informed Public will . . .

. . . make more logical decisions !


I intended to compile this post in an entirely different way until the wee hours of this morning when I received a post from @maxigan from his series on Surviving the Matrix. After watching the video I felt compelled to address it first here because it really does set the tone as to why it is so very important to look at all sides of the stories coming out in these most precarious days.

We all want a better world. Can we really simply sit back and not address the issues? Is that how life here was intended to be lived? Those are questions only you can answer for yourself.

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Destroying the Illusion - with Jordan Sather

Jordan does a fine job in addressing and analyzing the many happenings going on around the world. And there are many Enjoy this quick overview and subscribe to his channel. I do hope we can encourage Jordan to join us here on the Steemit platform.

Planes/Arrests/Clinton/Sessions/Fusion GPS/Comey/Human Trafficking & More!

News is breaking so very fast and there is a LOT of it. What is being revealed are the connections that had previously been hidden from public view. We live in a society that has been misinformed and dis-informed for so long that it seems making illogical decisions has become the new way of life. Time for change. Time to connect the dots that are being exposed and make more informed decisions in the future.


There are many investigative reporters stepping up to give of their time to report facts and findings that are being presented faster than ever before. @dakini5d is another reporter that has been keeping up with the daily progress on the happenings around the world. For up to date news I suggest following @dakini5d

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We have some exciting times ahead. Find the news sources that can keep you up to date with the Real News. I am fairly new to the Steemit platform and am searching for that exact thing. Real news sources. Should you have some to recommend please feel free to post in the comment section. Thank You!


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