[Family Protection] What is AKATHISIA?

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Sounds magical and delightful reminding me of Fantasia or a wonderland. What is it really? More like Black Magic....


According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, in 2015 over 670,000 children were in the Foster Care System.

As far back as 2011, when there were a reported 645,000 moving through Foster Care, the U.S. Government's Government Accountability Office (GAO) concluded a 2 year long investigation with a report which ABC News was given exclusive access to. The report explained that 5 states were reviewed: Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon and Texas.

GAO reviewed nearly 100,000 foster children in these five states. Their findings were:

  1. More than one-fourth of foster children were prescribed at least one psychiatric drug.
  2. Thousands of these were being prescribed psychiatric medications at higher doses than the maximum approved by the FDA.
  3. Hundreds of these foster children were receiving 5 or more psychiatric drugs at the same time.
  4. There is absolutely no evidence supporting the simultaneous use or safety of these drugs taken together.

Other studies have revealed that youth in foster care covered by Medicaid insurance receive psychotropic medication at a rate 3 times higher than those of Medicaid-insured youth qualifying with low family income standards.


The use of expensive, brand name, patent protected medication was prevalent. In the case of SSRIs the use of the most expensive medications was noted to be 74%; in the general market only 28% are for brand name SSRI's vs generics. The average out-of-pocket expense per prescription was $34.75 for generics and $90.17 for branded products, a $55.42, difference.

What is the motivation for excessive spending on name brand drugs when alternate approved generic product is available? Who benefits from this?

Children in foster care are at a greater risk of suicide. But WHY?

What Is Akathisia?

Medical experts have long known that the side effect associated with the class of antidepressants known as the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors most likely to drive people to suicide or violence against others is "akathisia".

Akathisia is but one in a long list of side effects that SSRI makers were able to keep hidden, as they settled thousands of lawsuits out of court, by obtaining court orders to seal documents produced in litigation.

Even the DSM-IV acknowledges the association of akathisia with suicidality and states: "Akathisia may be associated with dysphoria, irritability, aggression, or suicide attempts."

According to Dr Cohen, SSRI's can create a combination of side effects that reduce impulse control and cause severe agitation or restlessness that may become intolerable.

Roger Lane, who was working for Pfizer at the time, produced an article published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology on akathisia associated with Prozac and its link to suicidal ideation. He stated:

"It may be less of a question of patients experiencing fluoxetine-induced suicidal ideation than patients feeling that 'death is a welcome result' when the acutely discomforting symptoms of akathisia are experienced on top of already distressing disorders."

Dr Glenmullen says: "Akathisia makes people profoundly agitated, uncomfortable in their own skin and impulsive. It erodes judgment and can lower their threshold to become violent toward themselves or others".

Vince Boehm, who tracks all studies and research published on SSRI's, says that the FDA refuses to fully acknowledge the role of drug-induced akathisia in what he refers to as "this hideous equation."

He states: "Akathisia is up to 6 times more likely to trigger a suicide than any form of depression caused by life's circumstances alone."

He also says: "The minds inner turmoil is so intense that a person will do anything to escape it".

....And the list goes on!

Now imagine with me for a moment.
You are a young child, maybe even as young as 2 to 3 years old. You have been taken from familiar surroundings and the comfort of your family. You are missing your mom, dad and siblings. You can't understand why they aren't coming to pick you up. You are living in a new place, new people and nothing seems familiar. Your entire world has been turned upside down. AND THEN.... these new people, who ever they may be, are giving you these little pills to take every day. You begin to experience restlessness...what do you do? You become irritable and easily agitated. You want to run but that is not allowed. You want to make these feelings stop. You want to die but have not had enough life experience to even understand the feeling or what dying is. You just want the feeling of misery to stop.



Obviously those working for CPS, those authorizing the continuance of this agency's operations and those continuing to fund these practices do not see this as a potential problem. Maybe they do not realize the scope of the problem. This site will enlighten anyone to the magnitude of what is really happening. This is the first site back in 2001 that opened my eyes to the potential dangers of these drugs:


This is their home page: SSRI STORIES

How can we possibly think that children being held captive and being prescribed these horrible drugs are not experiencing the side-effects as well?

  • Just because they are a child in the "system of care" alluded to by the CPS agency it does not make the drug any safer.

  • Just because it is prescribed by a licensed practicing professional it does not make the drug any safer.


  1. Are the staff at CPS educated and trained to watch for and act on the potential side effects of the drugs they are recommending for these children?
  2. Is the licensed practitioner who is prescribing these drugs aware of the potential side-effects, drug interactions and the black-box warning?
  3. Is there any training and/or warnings for foster/adoptive parents to help them recognize potential side-effects and act accordingly?

The CPS agency as it is currently operating must be abolished and defunded entirely. A new system for protection can be developed while the CPS is downsizing to the point of non-existence. To do this it will take an enormous amount of planning, work, money, coordination and good intentions. @familyprotection is a great place to start. You are invited to join with us in making this a better world for children and families around the world. The choice is yours.

Steemit has provided the platform. An incredible team of dedicated Steemians are already at work moving ahead. Will you join with us? Simply FOLLOW @familyprotection and check out the blog to learn more.





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Many believe in the power of a collective effort


You are invited to join with us in focusing for ONE MINUTE at 6pm YOUR time zone to put our intention, prayer, meditation and love towards seeing the world as it should be.




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I hope you also post this on mainstream media. I personally have no kids but people close to me here in Norway are having so many unnecessary stress with being scrutinized as a parent and then having years of battles to keep their kids. Can I ask you why you think this is happening, what is the agenda for it all?

It disgusts me and makes me so angry, my ego wants some kind of answer haha. Thankyou! I am happily up voting and resteeming every post with the familyprotection tag

The current CSP procedures and their general process of operation is serving many agendas. (None of which is the protection of children as the true priority. ) The CPS operation is growing exponentially. The agency is rewarded substantially with each adoption. Which means they are quick to snatch, steal parental rights and move them on. Cash crop you might say. The CPS operation also feeds local Judicial Systems. A good portion of money is also generated for the pharma cartel with the high priced mind altering medications and vaccinations. These are only a few of those that benefit from this agency tearing families apart.

The rabbit hole extends much farther however. So deep and vile that it is hard to explain where this "rat line" goes without feeling sick. So I'll just say for now, we are in the throws of the fight between good and evil. Keep researching and the light will continue to shine. We have come to the point we recognize that the CPS agency is an enterprise. An enterprise that sees children as a commodity.

Good to have you on board with us. Norway will be a good addition. I don't know how many countries are now here with @familyprotection but numbers are growing and we are finding this child snatching scheme is apparently world wide. Look forward to knowing more of what is going on in Norway.

the first part of your post, i hadnt thought about and makes peferfect sense. The rabbit hole i do know of and has seen many talks on missing childs and missing persons as to why this is happening, like you say that makes you feel sick. David Icke has also been doing talks on children and society, but like I say, since being in norway and meeting familys, i had no clue how bad it was now on a daily life level. I have bben out of the media news and "the normal life" since many years and now since on steemit and reading uncensored news im shocked at how quickly it excalated. Are you posting also on facebook and such?

Yes, Icke has the rundown, many years of research he has under his belt. I jump on FB only to post to a few groups and twitter with my steemit posts and other steemit posts. There are so many great investigative reporters on this platform it is hard to even jump over to those "quack" sites ;)

I havent watched any of his recent stuff but he seems always to be correct :(
cool yeh i wanted to make sure your work is also going on sheep media!
Great work your doing, more people are becoming aware because of people like yourself

I don't think the CPS workers or the doctors care about the side-effects of those drugs. Everybody makes money, so it's ok for them. As for the families that take care of these unfortunate kids - some probably care, especially adoptive parents. But as far as foster families are concerned, I recall reading somewhere they get more money if the children in their care have medical conditions...

The doctors and CPS workers have been so "institutionalized" to believe everything they are told by the "higher ups" to want to question anything beyond their official "duties". And yes, there are special financial accomodations for foster parents taking a child with a medical condition. I have one of those gut feeling that this agency also does a little double dipping in the Medicaid pool as well, but will have to research a bit more.

One of the most appealing aspects of the new law recently passed here in the US is the fact the incentives for taking children from homes and placing in foster care (unless truly an emergent need) will be removed. They will get more money if they find new ways to allow the children to remain with their family. Long way to go, but little by little .......

Fantastic article @vickiebarker you have inspired me to look into the foster care system here in the UK to see if the kids are being medicated in the same way :)

Happy you were inspired. We will need a great deal of this information as time moves along. If we are to truly move into another model for child protection we should be building our case now. I don't know if this will alert @article61 or if you already follow each other, but he may have some input on this as he is dealing with the issues going on with CPS in Scotland.

Its also very worrying about this MAP thing happening, and the gay trans and lesbian scene getting a P on the end of the abrivation for the group.. P standing for pedosexual..

And also this push for transgender and sterile chemicals in foods to stop reproduction, like the corn in USA. Dam i need to watch an Icke video and catch up!

Dark days are happening.

Dark days indeed and the reason we must keep our light shining on these problems and our eyes open!

Its a dark road in uk ive been hearing from friends there, but not yet as bad as here in Norway. My friend who has been effect by this devils work, has signed up to steem and i hope she will tell of her ordeals. I think she will when she gets round to it, literally the CPS take all her free time with this bullshit that she has no free time to do anything else apart from worry a shit load and read piles of court papers etc.

Will be great to get her story on this platform for others to read. Most people do not recognize there is a problem until it hits home, then many times it is too late.

yeh your absolutely correct! have a nice evening!

Solutions resulting from the inability to reason and thus be able to make positive decisions. dislike a little .. I like this link. Later I will tell you my story.

I look forward to your story @jonathanc17 and welcome to Steemit.