Call for proposals: An article about Impossible Foods retail launch and the future of food

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Future Food: Impossible’s Retail Launch, Is 3D Printing the Future of Plant-Based Meat?

Investors reportedly clamoring to buy into Impossible Foods ahead of potential IPO

How Beyond Meat’s stock surged 500% in 2019


Lab meat, cultured meat
3D printed food

Is lab-grown meat the next frontier in ethical eating?

Lab grown meat is Silicon Valley's next big thing

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@Juanmolina, @fucho80, @lanzjoseg, @jadams2k18

Maybe this is something you would be interested with

Thanks for the heads up my dear friend!

Hi, @varioso!

This scares me, first because palm oil is harmful to health according to the authorities here in my country, I do not remember, but some time ago there was a product that made it from palm oil and was immediately taken off the market.

And second, a hamburger genetically created and reproduced in a laboratory from an animal cell? What techniques do you use to regenerate tissue and cell multiplication? Same as cancer? I suppose in the years to come they will tell us that it has harmful effects on health. I wonder what kind of human beings we will become.

I could make a post type of story like the ones I like to make. Hehehe

Stay in touch! 😊


Thank you, @crypto.piotr for the comment. :)

HI @varioso

Wow very important issues that must be addressed, I think they would be good topics to address in universities for discussion, and dissemination.

I will investigate about it, but I also give the reason to @ jadams2k18

I think they are issues that scare a little. especially because of the implications this may have in the future.

Thanks friend @crypto.piotr

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Hi @lanzjoseg

Yes, food is undoubtedly one of the most important topics. I can see how it may seem eerily distasteful (no pun intended) to grow meat in a lab. Yet, as I pointed out in my response above, I think it's a matter of perception. My guess is, we'll get used to it a few years down the road when it hits the mainstream and we won't even think about it while ordering lab-grown Big Mac in the drive-through in our driverless commute.

Novelty wears off and new and more creepy things come out every day. Time to get used to being creeped out on a regular basis and accept it as the new norm.

Having said that, I'm probably not going to taste this meat anytime soon but it's an important and interesting discussion for sure.

Please let me know if you talk to any students about it. Would be nice to keep track of reactions/sentiment and write about.

Thanks ;)