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RE: Root Vegetable Pancakes 🥕

These look incredibly tasty. I've added them to my list of recipes to try.

I'm in the process of going vegan (committed & planning) and am searching for recipes which I think I'll like - which isn't easy when you've not likes veggies too much your whole life!

I can see already that spices are the way to go, so it's definitely with chilli for me :)


I'm so happy to hear you're taking this step in your life! There are so many great recipes to try out there, I'm glad you also liked this one! I could also be a good idea to try to find some really simple recipes, so that when you're busy, you can just throw the dish together in no time. If you wish to find nice recipes from Steemit, try searching #fruitsandveggiesmonday. Every week, a bunch of people are creating amazing dishes and giving inspiration to vegan cooking and baking!

Good luck with the process, and thank you for such a lovely comment, @minimalish! :)

Yeah, I just found the #fruitandveggiesmonday tag. Thanks for the encouragement :)

Perhaps you'll even join us one day! 😊

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